Caprica 11

Unvanquished (2010-10-05)

Three weeks have passed and followers of the “One True God” place detonators under their seats at a Pyramid match. Clarice observes the stadium explode, revealing it to be a simulation illustrating her proposal to the leaders of the monotheist church on Gemenon for “Apotheosis”.

Daniel seeks a business partnership with the Ha’la’tha crime syndicate in order to regain control of Graystone Industries, now run by Tomas, and now mass producing Cylons.

Using Zoe’s avatar program, Clarice wants to create a virtual heaven which allows believers to sacrifice themselves in the real world to live forever in a virtual one.

We get a good look at Gemenon and it looks like it’s stuck in medieval England.

Everyone wants to kill everyone else.

It’s not clear how Daniel came to sell his company to Tomas, but to get it back he has to kill someone. This is showing just how psychotic the Adamas are.

The STO leader isn’t  much better, Clarice wants kill people just so they can come to her church.

It looks like all the sane people have left the show.


Caprica 10

End of Line (2010-03-26)

In a 20-hour flash forward, U-87 is driving a stolen van with police choppers in pursuit. Earlier, it is revealed that Daniel’s financial troubles are worsening, and he must sell the Buccaneers. Worse still, the army also knows the chip was stolen, and have given him only a week to finish the project. The powerplay between Clarice and Barnabas also heats up, as both jostle for local STO dominance.

Everything ramps up to the mid-series cliff-hanger.


Caprica 9

Ghosts in the Machine (2010-03-19)

Joseph and Emmanuelle seek Tamara at the New Cap equivalent of the Adama home, but the apartment is inhabited by a drug addict – an “amphead”. As the druggie yields the information that Joseph’s daughter is at a club called “Mysteries,” a gang of drug dealers burst in on the scene and threaten to end his New Cap gamelife.

Although Zoe is agonized by memories of being trapped in a burning house when she was 5, she does not reveal herself.

Daniel is showing just what a bastard he can be to his robot. No Asimov’s  Laws of Robotics here. If there was, the Robot would have removed the petrol can and not shot the dog. It looks like the Graystone marriage is coming to a crisis point.

Joe Adama seems to be getting nowhere fast.

Caprica 8

The Imperfections of Memory (2010-03-12)

Still seeking Zoe’s Avatar program, Clarice redoubles her efforts to gain Amanda’s confidence.

Lacy’s attempts to enlist the help of Barnabas have fallen short, producing tension between her and Zoe.

Zoe continues her ‘romance’ with Philomon, a young scientist in her father’s employ, in hopes that he can assist her in getting her out of the lab.

It looks like Daniel has finally worked out that Zoe is in the robot. There is also some cool CGI in new Caprica. But not a lot is happening.


When Marnie Was There

When Marnie Was There is a 2014 Japanese anime drama film written and directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi, produced by Studio Ghibli and based on Joan G. Robinson’s novel of the same name, although it transposes the setting from Norfolk, England from the original novel to Sapporo.

The film follows Anna Sasaki living with her relatives in the seaside town. Anna comes across a nearby abandoned mansion, where she meets Marnie, a mysterious girl who asks her to promise to keep their secrets from everyone. As the summer progresses, Anna spends more time with Marnie, and eventually Anna learns the truth about her family and foster care.

A strange and sensitive tale of a 12 year old girl coming to terms with growing up and relating to others. It soon becomes apparent that Marnie is not real, but what is she; a memory, imagination or a ghost. In the end it doesn’t really matter, as it’s more about the emotional journey Anna takes over the summer.

A very emotional film that everyone should enjoy.



Caprica 7

Know Thy Enemy (2010-03-05)

After the revelation that the avatar of his daughter Tamara is still lost in the holoband world, Joseph starts a quest to find her by tracking down the whereabouts and identity of Heracles.

Tomas Vergis, haunted by the death of his employees during the MCP chip heist, arrives on Caprica wanting to meet with Daniel. He then accuses that Daniel stole the MCP chip that is now the key to the U-87 Cylon and Graystone’s military contract.

Things really get tense for Daniel as the business rivalry really heats up. And who knew how easy it was to steal company secrets. Just wave a gadget near a computer.


Nana Joan’s Gun

Space Team: The Guns of Nana Joan
(Space Team #5)
by Barry J. Hutchison (2017)

The galaxy is at war, and Space Team just can’t seem to stay out of trouble.

Following one close-call too many, the team hides out on a tiny backwater moon, hoping the hostilities between Zertex and the Symmorium will all just blow over.

Barry Hutchinson keeps getting better. There are fun twists and turns in the story, the characters are well-developed and interesting and things just zip along in a fun way. I can imaging this being a TV series or movie. Maybe Seth McFarlane has ripped this off for his upcoming TV series The Orville.


Ape’s War

War for the Planet of the Apes is a 2017 American science fiction film directed by Matt Reeves and written by Mark Bomback and Reeves. A sequel to Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011) and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014), it is the third installment in the Planet of the Apes reboot series. The film stars Andy Serkis, Woody Harrelson, Steve Zahn, Amiah Miller, Karin Konoval, Judy Greer and Terry Notary, and follows the confrontation between the apes, led by Caesar, and the humans for control of Earth.

Firstly, this isn’t a “war” movie. Instead it concentrates on Ceasar and his journey. Visual effects are top notch and the action scenes (when they finally turn up) are good. But it is  2:20 hours and at times it feels just too slow. It could have been edited to 2 hours.

We know where the movie must end at the 1968 original movie. And it does provide some interesting unexpected turns. Unfortunately it just isn’t as good as the previous movies.

Ape’s Dawn

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is a 2014 American science fiction film directed by Matt Reeves and written by Mark Bomback, Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver. It stars Andy Serkis, Jason Clarke, Gary Oldman, Keri Russell, Toby Kebbell and Kodi Smit-McPhee. It is the sequel to the 2011 film Rise of the Planet of the Apes, which began 20th Century Fox’s reboot of the original Planet of the Apes series. Dawn is set ten years after the events of Rise, and follows a group of people in San Francisco who struggle to stay alive in the aftermath of a plague that is wiping out humanity, while Caesar tries to maintain dominance over his community of intelligent apes.

It’s not surprising this movie got great reviews. It depicts two sides of a conflict where neither side is shown as good or evil. These exist on both sides and the way in which the narrative draws out the story is Shakespearean in it’s grandeur.





Tomorrowland (subtitled A World Beyond in some regions) is a 2015 American science-fiction mystery adventure film .

The film stars George Clooney, Hugh Laurie, Britt Robertson, Raffey Cassidy, Tim McGraw, Kathryn Hahn and Keegan-Michael Key.

In the film, a disillusioned genius inventor and a teenage science enthusiast embark to an ambiguous alternate dimension known as “Tomorrowland” where their actions directly affect the world and themselves.

This $190 million dollar budget film made a box office of $209 million. But not enough to recoup it’s total  costs of $330, suggesting $140 was spent on marketing.

It deserves better. The film was written and directed by Brad Bird, responsible for ‘The Iron Giant”, Incredibles, Ratatouille and the upcoming Incredibles 2.

The visual effects are spectacular, great action scenes and George Clooney playing a grumpy old man. And it’s a REAL science fiction story, with proper Sci-Fi themes and ideas.

The only real problem is Hugh Laurie’s character, is he a villain, leader, architect ? It’s not until the end that his real motives are revealed.