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Species – HomoSapiens
SubSpecies – HomoEngineerus

Generally to be found around large man-made structures.

Distinguishing Features:
Mainly male. Dominant males tend to show a movement of mass from the top of the head to the abdomen.

Socialisation :
Tend to congregate together in the same social and work groups. A tendency to dress in a similar manner is to be noted.

Feasts in the SubSubSpecies HomoTechnicus. Displays domineering characteristics over others by use of technical language.

Competition for resources:
Mainly from SubSpecies HomoAccountus (the common bean counter) and HomoManagerius. The HomoEngineerus was thought to have previously been of a higher order than the other two subspecies. Common theory is that it is now subservient to these. HomoAccountus has been shown (on rare occasions) to displace HomoEngineerus from it’s place in the social order. It is worth noting that this only occurs at a certain each year during a strange ritual known as “budget preparation”.

Status :
Mostly Harmless
(unless asked to participate in “budget preparation”)



Responsibility for most the stuff on this website can be blamed on Nasty Nig (shown above during a Vorlon encounter). Nig lives in his own self contained life support system somewhere beyond the Crab Nebula.

He was previously involved with ZetaSoft, a software company from Zoltag that never got round to publishing anything useful (they specialised in programs to create web pages). He left after suggesting that they should do something different. The keyboard was surgically removed, but he still suffers from occasional internal bleeding.

His alter ego in this universe can sometimes be found pushing pieces of dead tree around a desk.