Good Place 3.01/2

The Good Place 3.01/2 – Everything is Bonzer

Series 3 starts with a double episode. Michael has reset everything by saving the four main characters from death. But things don’t go a expected. Eleanor is soon back to her bad old ways.

So he sets out to intervene. With the help of some very bad Australian accents and suggestions, everyone ends up with Chidi in Australia for his Thesis. Then someone unexpected turns up…….


Saul 2.02

Better Call Saul 2.02 “Cobbler”

Mike encounters Pryce when he arrives at the police station for a police interview to recover his stolen baseball cards. Mike warns Pryce that the police must suspect that he’s a drug dealer and offers to find the cards himself, to keep Pryce from talking to the police.

Chuck decides to pay a visit to the HHM office, where he sits in on a firm meeting between HHM and DM, and unnerves Jimmy. Jimmy then receives a call from Mike requesting he remove police suspicion from Pryce, which Jimmy achieves by telling the police the secret compartment in Pryce’s living room was used to hold fetish videos of Pryce sitting on pies and crying.

The police scene is one of the best examples of Jimmy just making things up and bull-shitting.  He is brilliant at it. Unfortunately his ego and telling Kim will surely get him into trouble.


Saul 2.01

Better Call Saul 2.01 “Switch”

Jimmy decides to decline Davis & Main’s employment offer and closes down his practice. Kim confronts Jimmy about his odd behavior, but Jimmy is adamant about leaving the practice of law.

After some thought on the matter, Jimmy changes his mind and decides to take the job with Davis & Main.

This one was a bit confusing, does Jimmy know what he wants ?

And why the repeat sequences from the last episode. Strange start to the second season.


Galaxy Squad: Danger from Drackonia
by David Blake (2018)

It’s the 26th Century and the President of Earth has started a bunfight with every single planet in the solar system.

Meanwhile… battling it out on the frontline is Galaxy Squad, the bravest, toughest and most highly decorated team of officers in the whole of Earth’s Space Fleet. Sadly though, they’ve just been accidentally poisoned by a group of interns and are now dead.

A change of characters and setting has given David Blake more comic inspiration, While most of the plot has been “acquired” from other Movies and TV shows (notably Star Wars and Star Trek).

It’s  still a fun adventure. This time most of the characters are stupid and do dumb things, which drives the story forward. If you liked any of his previous books, you will enjoy this one.


Saul 1.10

Better Call Saul 1.10 “Marco”

In a flashback to Cicero, Illinois, Jimmy says goodbye to his friend and con artist partner Marco, telling him that he is moving to Albuquerque.

After having a breakdown while calling bingo at the retirement home, Jimmy returns to Cicero, where he catches up with Marco at their old favorite bar.

A lot of this is flashback for Jimmy, to an easier time. But in the end he loses another mate. Bit of a slow episode, with repetitions of cons that were unnecessary.

End of the series.


Saul 1.09

Better Call Saul 1.09 “Pimento”

Chuck convinces Jimmy to bring his case to HHM because of its large scale, which may lead to it becoming a class action suit.

Chuck and Jimmy meet with Hamlin, who is eager to take on the case. However, Hamlin insists that Jimmy not work on the case.

It looks like his own brother never considered Jimmy a ‘serious’ lawyer and sabotages his future employment. This ends with Jimmy leaving Chuck, presumably for good. Everything is coming into alignment for the Saul we see at the beginning of Breaking Bad.



Pearl & Nimmo

Blame It On Abba
How I ditched my day job to chase a childhood dream
by Lisa Nimmo (2018)
Lisa Nimmo has a dream…. to become a rock star. This musical adventure is proof that it’s never too late to follow your heart, reinvent yourself and become the person you were born to be.

I don’t remember this duo, the album ‘No Ordinary Day’ came out in 2006 and achieved some success. This is the story of the band told by Nimmo in a very personal way.

I heard an interview on Radio NZ that made me interested in the book.

 The Album on Spotify

Lisa’s Web Page





Saul 1.08

Better Call Saul 1.08 “RICO”

While assisting a resident of the Sandpiper Crossing retirement home with her will, Jimmy becomes curious regarding the way the centre charges its residents for expenses. After speaking to several of the residents, Jimmy become suspicious of elder abuse.

It looks like Jimmy has got his big break. Taking on a class action suit against a retirement home. What Could possibly go wrong….

Saul 1.07

Better Call Saul 1.07 “Bingo”

Julie Ann Emery as Betsy Kettleman

This is mainly about the Kettlemans, fraudsters, family and just stupid. Jimmy manages to convince them to go back to the solicitor Kim by getting Mike to steal the money they stole.

One of the funniest episodes yet.


Dragon Chips

A Portion of Dragon and Chips
(Robot vs Dragons Book 1)
by Simon Haynes (2018)

When a battered old robot washes up on the shores of the Old Kingdom, it signals the end of a fragile alliance among the four ancient lands.

Simon Haynes, author of the Hal Spacejock series takes on the fantasy genre. And not just fantasy, this is the first of a trilogy and it has the scope and feel of epic fantasy. Most of his humour has been suppressed, where there is funny stuff it’s mainly based on modern references in a medieval setting.

Still, it’s an interesting read. There are multiple plot threads, kings, queens and quests. Assassins, dragons, halflings and the promise of elves. Can’t wait for the next book.