Housewife Assassin

The Housewife Assassin’s Handbook
(The Housewife Assassin #1)
by Josie Brown (2011)

Every desperate housewife wants an alias. Donna Stone has one…and it happens to be government-sanctioned. She earned it the hard way: her husband was killed the day she delivered her third child. To avenge his death, she leads a secret life – as an assassin. But espionage makes for strange bedfellows – and brings new meaning to that old adage, “Honey, I’m home…”

This was unexpectedly a good read. It’s a satire of spy vs spy thrillers with an evil villain out to do bad things.

Told in first person from the POV of Donna, it’s sharp and witty writing. Despite not knowing her age (or of anyone) she becomes an agent while raising kids. Just when you think the plot is a bit hackneyed, it takes a few unpredictable twists (although I expected the last).

There are snippets of wisdom  at the beginning of later chapters on how to be a good housewife and spy.

A fun, light read although there is a bit of explicit sex.