(Court Theatre)

Written by Albert Belz
Directed by Nancy Brunning
Starring Tola Newbery

It’s 1983, and young Hemi ‘Jimmy’ Te Rehua knows how to dominate the games at the Whakatāne Astrocade Amusement Parlour. Too smart for his own good, Jimmy has a knack for trouble.

This production didn’t get my immediate  approval, being about a 14 year old boy and based in the 1980s it was 10 years out of my childhood. Initially it felt like a series of sketches and lacking a strong narrative. It was also a strange choice for a play, given that the majority of Court Theatre patrons are a generation older than me.

However in the second half things got better, the jokes began to land and the character motivations set up in the first half began to pay off. Often delivering drama and comedy almost simultaneously.

It got good round of applause at the end from a half full theatre.

Press Review



Saul 4.04

Better Call Saul 4.04 – Talk

The Cousins (above) kill all the Espinosas, retrieve the “stolen” drugs and return to Mexico. Nacho realizes that by eliminating the Espinosas, Gus secured himself more territory. These guys look indestructible, killing a whole gang. They have yet to meet Hank Schrader !

Jimmy is quickly bored with work at a cellular phone store and tries to drum up business. He later meets with Ira, who sold the stolen Hummel for more than expected, and offers to carry out future thefts.

Bored herself with concentrating on Mesa Verde, Kim observes Judge Munsinger’s courtroom, hoping to rekindle her interest in the law by taking on pro bono defense counsel work.

Ethan Phillips as Judge Benedict Munsinger

(Ethan Phillips, previously played Neelix on Star Trek: Voyager).

Mike inspects another Madrigal site and provides a list of quality control and safety items to fix.

He meets with Gus, who feigns anger that Mike didn’t tell him about Nacho’s intent to kill Hector, but Mike points out he had promised only not to kill Hector himself.


Saul 4.03

Better Call Saul 4.03 – Something Beautiful

Victor and Tyrus arrange Arturo’s death to look like a gang attack, deflecting attention from Nacho and hiding his involvement with Gus. This is really brutal, leaving Nacho with two bullet wounds.

Concerned that their Mexican routes are vulnerable, Juan Bolsa directs Gus to seek local manufacturers.

Gus visits the university to check on the quality of meth samples he gave to Gale Boetticher for testing.


Kim tells Jimmy about the disposition of Chuck’s will. She gives him a letter purportedly from Chuck, which is undated but full of praise for Jimmy. Jimmy calls it “nice”, but Kim is visibly upset by it.

Good Place 3.06

The Good Place 3.06 – The Ballad of Donkey Doug

This episode is slower than the previous riot.

Tahani and Michael travel to Jacksonville with Jason, who tries to save his father, Donkey Doug, by helping him start a career as an electrician.

Donkey Doug and Pillboi (just like Jason) are dumb crooks who have a get-rich-quick scheme to sell a combination energy drink and body spray made from stolen materials.

In Sydney, Chidi decides to break up with Simone to avoid contaminating her afterlife. Janet provides a virtual reality simulation, but the actual breakup still goes badly.


Saul 4.02

Better Call Saul 4.02 – Breathe

With his law license suspended, Jimmy interviews for a job as a salesman at Neff Copiers and spots an opportunity to steal a valuable Hummel figurine from the manager’s office.

Kim has an explosive confrontation with Howard, lambasting him for treating Jimmy poorly in the wake of Chuck’s death.


When Arturo and Nacho come to his facility to acquire more drugs, Arturo strong arms his way into taking more than he’s supposed to. He brags about his success as they leave, but Gus ambushes and kills him. Gus then informs Nacho he knows Nacho attempted to murder Hector but that the Salamancas don’t, and that because of this knowledge, Nacho is now under Gus’ control.


Saul 4.01

Better Call Saul 4.01 – Smoke

In a long flash forward, following his collapse while at work, a nervous “Gene” has a worrying encounter with a hospital clerk who needs his personal information.

A slow episode for the beginning of the forth (and final to date season). This mainly follows Chuck’s funeral. Jimmy lets Howard believe his actions are the main reason for Chuck’s death.

Following Hector’s stroke, Gus’ cartel bosses have Nacho take over Hector’s drug operations.


Good Place 3.05

The Good Place 3.05 – Jeremy Bearimy

Jeremy Bearimy, in cursive script describes the nature of time in the afterlife. However it also describes the plot of this episode. The gang has discovered who Michael and Janet are, then learn the plot of the first two season.

With this knowledge everyone…. gives up. Then they start doing good things (unexpectedly). Chidi takes his shirt off, goes shopping then explains 2,500 years of western philosophy in a few minutes. This episode could stand alone as a synopsis of all three series. Amazing !

Mine Sting

Sting of the Mustard Mines
(Space Team #10)
by Barry J. Hutchison (2018)
Captured by an unfamiliar alien species, the crew is banished to a life of slavery in the Mustard Mines of Moktar, where they come face to face with the sinister Manacle – a terrying new enemy whose diabolical agenda is worse than any they have encountered before.

Cal Carver is yet again plunged into inescapable situations he escapes from. Faces terrifying enemies and  odds to come out on top.

This episode slows down in the middle and diverges into the slasher/horror genre. Fortunately things get better in the final act.

Not the best of the series, but still a good read.


Saul 3.10

Better Call Saul 3.10 – Lantern

A longer than usual final episode of the series.

Kim survives the crash with a broken arm and decides to take the opportunity to take a leave of absence from law practice.

Meanwhile, Chuck is forced out of HHM when Howard pays off his $8 million share out of his own pocket.

Hector arrives at Nacho’s father’s shop and attempts to bribe him for his loyalty. Nacho attempts to assassinate Hector but is caught up in a meeting between Hector, Gus, and Bolsa. Bolsa reminds Hector that it is under Don Eladio’s orders that all smuggling operations will be handled by Gus. Hector has a heart attack, forcing him to be hospitalized.

Jimmy then constructs a situation where Irene and her friends overhear him discuss his fraud, which both vindicates Irene and cancels the Sandpiper settlement.

Chuck’s symptoms begin to re-emerge, and he becomes obsessed with disabling all electronic devices in his home to the point of tearing walls open to remove the wiring. The episode and season ends with the death of Chuck.

Saul 3.09

Better Call Saul 3.09 – Fall

Jimmy talks with the Sandpiper class action representative Irene to get an update on the Sandpiper case, and realizes that Sandpiper has already offered a settlement deal which would give Jimmy over $1 million as his share of the settlement.

Then Jimmy gets really sneaky, pitting Irene against her friends.

Howard and Chuck meet with their malpractice insurance agency, who propose either raising HHM’s premium (as a result of Jimmy mentioning it).

Mike is hired on as a “security consultant” to Madrigal on Gus’ and takes his job seriously, delivering a list of problems to a manager.

Then, right at the end Kim crashes her car. It happened so fast I had to see it again to be sure I wasn’t missing anything.