Romantic KC

Delivered on Valentine’s Day 2021, an unexpected and welcome surprise is ‘A Romantic’s Guide to King Crimson’. Featuring reinvented King Crimson material by the husband-and-wife musicians Deborah and Pat Mastelotto.

Deborah takes on the vocals of Adrian Belew in most of the songs. The vibe is relaxed and chill, without descending into ‘easy listening’. It’ interesting to hear these familiar songs done with female vocals and different instruments. A very cool album.

Two Hands
Matte Kudasai
Inner Garden
One Time (Eyes Wide Open)
Book Of Saturday
Elephant Talk

Another Review


“The Cold Equations” is a science fiction short story by American writer Tom Godwin, first published in Astounding Magazine in August 1954. In 1970, the Science Fiction Writers of America selected it as one of the best science-fiction short stories published before 1965, The story has been widely anthologized and dramatized.

Film and television

Australian Toni Collette stars in this adaption, with Anna Kendrick, Daniel Dae Kim and Shamier Anderson
I have not read or seen any previous adaptions. This looks great, although probably made for peanuts on a Netflix budget. The film mostly follows realistic physics of space travel. The space ship is on its way to Mars to deliver crew. The additional body pushes the carbon dioxide scrubber past it’s limit. They can’t all get there on what they have. Someone will die, or they all will.

The film has some lessons for future space-craft designers:

  •  Always pack more oxygen than you think you need (at least 2x).
  • Install more than one CO2 scrubber.
  • Pack a 3D printer so you can make parts.
  • If you do have a 400m structure someone may need to travel during a spaceflight, design an motorised method of traversing it.
  • Always secure your oxygen cylinder.

Creamerie 4-6

Cremerie – Episodes 4-6 (The second half)

Things just keep getting weird. Now it seems to be a parody of a post-apocalyptic utopia, run by woman. And the head girl is super bad, she just wants to ‘help’ everyone. Our trio of heroes go back to the community to confront their future.

And it appears as a very not dead ex-boyfriend and a conspiracy. This involves a group of men participating in a 1970’s sex farce.
Then, after the revelation everything just ends.

Very strange.


On this day in 1981 – Xerox PARC introduces the computer mouse.

The first public demonstration of a mouse controlling a computer system was in 1968. Mice originally used a ball rolling on a surface to detect motion, but modern mice mostly have optical sensors that have no moving parts.

Douglas Engelbart of the Stanford Research Institute (now SRI International) has been credited as the inventor of the mouse.


Free DAW

DAW = Digital Audio Workstation

First on the list for testing was the Steinberg Cubase LE. To get this I had to create a profile on their site and download a downloader. This installed other stuff. None of which made much sense. After wondering what to do for a while, I gave up.

Second up was WaveForm. Again with the profile. This one installed easily and immediately got going. The projects list is a but strange, but the main interface was understandable. Each track was laid out and easy to operate. I was beginning to like it when up comes a voice telling me I had a ‘demo’ version and I had to upgrade. Despite going back to their site, making sure I was registered, etc. it kept up   with the notifications. The other weird thing is that the file menu is at the bottom, and required another mouse action every time it’s used. In frustration of not knowing what I had I put it aside for a while.

After a bit of rummaging around in google, I came across
MAGIX Music Maker. This was one download and easy install. It’s easy to see how things work. Each panel is sizeable and can be dragged to a second monitor. But best of all, there pre-installed loops and instruments. Within the hour I had put together a funky instrumental track. There are sample songs and virtual instruments to fiddle with. Subsequent online reviews confirm that this is probably the best and easiest DAW for beginners. And it’s a lot of fun to use.

The only issue was it’s failure to load save MP3 files in the free version. There are two paid versions that have these features, plus more. The ‘Premium’ version is $70, not bad for such an extensive program.






 Creamerie 1-3

Eight years after a plague killed all men, three women who run a dairy farm accidentally run over the last surviving male human on the planet.

It’s difficult to categorize this program. Kiwi made, funded by TVNZ on Air. It fit’s easily into the Sci-Fi genre, being post apocalyptic. But it’s also dark, sometimes trying to be funny. But in a very Kiwi rural environment.

In the first three episodes, the premise is introduced; it’s all females, Then a bloke is found. Can he be harvested for sperm ? and where will this lead them.

Interesting enough to go to the next episodes….


Casiotone CT-S200

The Casiotone has 61 keys, along with 60 built in songs, 77 rhythms, dance mode, MIDI, inputs, outputs. Enough to start learning to play piano.


Ngaio Marsh

Ngaio Marsh, New Zealand author and director was born 23 April 1895 (died 18 February 1982).  I remember her for her novels, she wrote 33, some I owned and more I read.

The Ngaio Marsh Theatre, part of the University of Canterbury Student Union building hosted many plays and films.


Superstore 2

Superstore Season 2

With the main characters established, it’s time to see how they interact. The main two characters, will probably get together, but not this season.

One of my favorite characters is the pharmacist Tate Staskiewicz, a marvelously narcistic character.

The season ends with a tornado completely destroying the store.

Bloop Compilation: