BSG 3.19/20

Battlestar Galactica 3.19 & 3.20 Crossroads (2007-03-18/25)
Series 3 Ending

Tensions mount as Baltar’s trial begins. Caprica Six stirs memories of Colonel Tigh’s wife.

Gaius Baltar’s trial concludes. The fleet jumps into the Ionian nebula, and four of the final five Cylons discover their own true identities.

What the FRAK !!!!

The trial a Baltar ends as expected. The prosecution was setup  to fail. Still Baltar acts like an asshole.

Then the Cylons attack, Starbusk reappears and then everything just ends !.



The Last Hunter: Pursuit
(Antarktos Saga #2)
by Jeremy Robinson (2011)

The pursuit of Solomon Ull Vincent–the last hunter–has begun. And if they catch me, this is where my story will end.

Still in Antarctica, this is one big chase story. Ull goes out from under the ice, then back. Still engaging and an exciting read. However the mythology and environment as well conveyed as some of his other books. Still, it’s an interesting premise and  the pacing doesn’t slow.


BSG 3.18 Son

Battlestar Galactica 3.18 – The Son Also Rises (2007-03-11)

When Baltar’s representatives face assassination attempts, Adama asks Apollo to protect Baltar’s lawyer.

It’s not clear what the purpose of this episode it. It introduces Baltar’s lawyer for the upcoming trail. And it’s not cleat what he is; cool, a dude, smart, stupid ?

I just found him annoying.


DrWho 10.07 Pyramids

The Pyramid at the End of the World

The Doctor is called in by the Secretary General of the U.N. after a pyramid mysteriously appears on the strategic border of the Russian, Chinese and U.S. armies. It’s revealed the Monks are responsible for the pyramid and that they have forseen a disaster through their simulations, offering an opportunity to save humanity if they consent to their rule. Elsewhere in a biochemical lab, a scientist accidentally misreads the levels of chemicals in an experiment releasing a deadly biochemical virus. The Secretary General offers his consent, but is killed when he is viewed to be acting out of fear.

The Doctor summarises that the disaster was unrelated to war, but may be biochemical. After the Doctor and Nardole locate the lab, Nardole collapses following exposure to the virus whilst waiting in the TARDIS. The Doctor with the assistance of Erica, a lab worker, summarises the only way to stop it would be to destroy the lab. He becomes stuck on the side of a manual lock however, due to his blindless.

Bill makes a deal with the Monks to restore The Doctor’s sight despite his protests. He manages to escape but at the expense of handing the planet over to the Monks.

This one holds together better than the previous episode. Bill’s decision at the does seem out of character and is only there as a prequel to the next episode.

Spotify #2

After three months of spotify use, here are some observations.

  1. The selection is vast. Even relatively obscure NZ bands are on the site.
  2. Some internationally known bands are not. Notably King Crimson. While they are mentioned there is only one song.
  3. It runs better from the web than the app. The app has an annoying feature of not clearing the screen when closed.
  4. The Spotify works well with JRiver Media Centre. I can switch Android apps and get music playing from the hard drive collection via JRiver, or streaming from Spotify.
  5. The term ‘Your Music” I find annoying. 7Digital does the same. Goodreads uses ‘My Books’, both don’t get the point of view right. Bandcamp is better, with the neutral ‘Collection’. Even Amazon is ‘Your List’ and ‘Your Account’.
  6. I find the Band/Album art to be too large. On a monitor it restricts how much information can be displayed on each screen. A plain text listing would be better.
  7. The circular artist images are just weird. Who made that decision.
  8. You can ‘save’ albums to a list, and they sort by artist. But by the first name. So Tori Amos comes under ‘T’, not ‘A’. There appears to be no way of changing this. The book collection app Calibre is very good at this by saving an Author_Sorted field for each book.
  9. You can follow Artists. This puts them in a list, but in no particular order. This means that if you want to quickly find an artist, the easiest way is to use the search. OK on a PC, but annoying on a Smartphone.
  10. Fortunately the Artist URL is fixed and it can be copied. I took these links into a spreadsheet and added html code. By copying to plain text then a WordPress page I can generate a sorted artist list. This includes Bandcamp links, so I can have an artist list with links to streaming songs.



The Last Hunter: Descent
(Antarktos Saga #1)
by Jeremy Robinson (2010)

I’ve been told that the entire continent of Antarctica groaned at the moment of my birth. The howl tore across glaciers, over mountains and deep into the ice. Everyone says so. Except for my father; all he heard was Mother’s sobs. Not of pain, but of joy, so he says. Other than that, the only verifiable fact about the day I was born is that an iceberg the size of Los Angeles broke free from the ice shelf a few miles off the coast.

Again, some would have me believe the fracture took place as I entered the world. But all that really matters, according to my parents, is that I, Solomon Ull Vincent, am the first child born on Antarctica; the first and only Antarctican. I was born on September 2nd, 1974.

This is an eight book series, and the author appears to have anticipated the long journey ahead and chosen a slower pace this time. There is still the adventure and action of other Robinson novels, just a bit slower and more deliberate.



Standing in the Shadows of Motown is a 2002 documentary film directed by Paul Justman that recounts the story of The Funk Brothers, the uncredited and largely unheralded studio musicians who were the house band that Berry Gordy hand picked in 1959. They recorded and performed on Motowns’ recordings from 1959 to 1972. The film was inspired by the 1989 book Standing in the Shadows of Motown: The Life and Music of Legendary Bassist James Jamerson, a bass guitar instruction book by Allan Slutsky, which features the bass lines of James Jamerson.

Great music documentary about Motown music. Mainly interviews, interspersed with extracts from a Funk Brothers concert.

BSG 3.17 Maelstrom

Battlestar Galactica 3.17 Maelstrom (2007-03-04)

Starbuck’s past comes back to haunt her when Adama has doubts about her fitness for duty.

What a long, boring and torturous path to get rid of one character. Most of if is in flashback (never a good idea). It just isn’t consistent with her character to commit suicide.


Dr Who 10.06 Ex

A long time ago, the Doctor is sent to execute Missy, only to have Nardole interrupt on the behest of River Song. He refuses to kill Missy, instead opting to imprison and guard her for 1000 years.

In the present, the Pope comes to the Doctor, asking to help translate a text called “Veratis.” Everyone who has translated it has committed suicide, and the Doctor, Nardole, and Bill are brought to the Vatican to investigate. While there, Bill and Nardole discover a portal, which leads them to the Pentagon. They find the portals being projected leading all over the world.

The Doctor temporarily restores his sight using Time Lord technology, but is ambushed by aliens. Nardole realizes the projectors are not projecting portals, but the whole world. His realization causes him to dematerialize.

Bill finds the Doctor, who tells her the world is a simulation, and Veratis contains the proof. Bill is killed by the alien, the Doctor realizing this is a test to see if they can conquer the Earth. However, the simulation is too exact, as his sonic sunglasses still work perfectly, and the virtual Doctor sends his information to the real one to warn of the coming invasion.


BSG 3.16 Dirty

Battlestar Galactica 3.16 Dirty Hands (2007-02-25)

After an accident nearly kills President Roslin, Tyrol defies Adama to demand safer working conditions throughout the fleet – and makes himself the rallying point for a strike.

Unusually, for an American show they take on unionization. After the setup and conflict, resolution appears to be just happen without consequence.

What’s surprising is the manual labour that takes place in this future society. It’s my usual complaint about sci-fi shows, where is the robotics and mechanization. Even how we are more advanced than the manufacturing process depicted in the episode.