(Land of Dis #1)
by Robert Kroese (2015)


Distopia tells the story of Wyngalf the Bold, the legendary hero renowned for ridding the land of Dis of the scourge of dragons. The story begins as Wyngalf, a young missionary for an obscure religious sect, arrives in the port city of Skuldred. Desperate to prove his worth to his superiors, Wyngalf finds himself drafted into leading a missionary voyage across the sea to the semi-legendary land of Dis.

It’s not until the second book that I realized just good an author Kroese is. The prose is always clear and precise. He gives a good description of the environment and character motivations are always apparent.

Then there is the story, just when you think you know what will happen, there is a twist. When you think you have figured out the tropes he is using, things will change.

And on top of all that he writes some brilliant comedy scenes. Not that the rest is devoid of humour, the tone is always witty and fun without being crude Writing humour is difficult and he does it with ease. All this keeps you reading to the end and wanting more.