Good Place 3.09

The Good Place 3.09 – “Don’t Let the Good Life Pass You By”

Better Call Michael McKean !

This was the first surprise, seeing Chuck McGill from ‘Better call Saul’ in another time and place.

The second is a really great fight sequence.

But what the episode is really about is the down-side of being nice to everyone. Then all the demons show up and it’s off to Janet’s place.


Bodyguard 4

Knowles and Mahmood were killed in the blast and Montague is in intensive care. Mike Travis, her junior Minister of State, is appointed Acting Home Secretary and transfers responsibility for investigating the bombings back to Counter Terrorism Command.

It seemed obvious to me from the video that the bomb didn’t come from the briefcase, but the stage. This is confirmed, but subsequent episodes will not reveal just how the bomb is planted.

Budd falls under suspicion for not spotting the bomb when he spoke to Mahmood.

The next day, the PM announces that Montague is dead.

Budd attempts suicide, but fails because someone has replaced the bullets in his hidden pistol with blanks.

It looks like the effects of trauma are starting to take effect.

Bodyguard 3

Montague is given a tablet by a man calling himself Richard Longcross, containing compromising information about the Prime Minister.

Lots of political talk in this episode, but the main action is a bomb attack as Montague gives her speech at St. Matthew’s College.

Very surprising and difficult to tell just what happened and who did what.


Max Damage

Max Damage
(Hal Spacejock #9)
by Simon Haynes (2018)

Hal and Clunk answer a distress call, and they discover a fellow pilot stranded deep inside an asteroid field. Clunk is busy at the controls, dodging incoming rocks, so Hal dons a spacesuit, takes the jetbike and sets off on a heroic rescue mission.

You can expect the usual comedic science fiction. But in the final act it almost changes to Military Science Fiction. !

Bodyguard 2

Stephen Hunter-Dunn, Director General of MI5, informs Montague of intelligence suggesting a terrorist plan to attack Budd’s children’s school, in retaliation for his foiling of the train bombing.

The attack on the school is prevented by a police ARV, but the terrorists manage to detonate the bomb in the street, killing three police officers.

Budd’s family is relocated to a safe house, and although he is removed from Montague’s detail, she has him reinstated.

Montague’s car comes under sniper fire that kills her driver, but she and Budd survive due to the car’s armour plating. Budd pursues and corners the sniper.


After the first episode, it looked like the second would slow down and focus on the politics. Another terrorist attack ups the action and puts Budd in the middle. What does not work is the sex between the main characters… WHY ??

Bodyguard 1

Bodyguard is a British television drama series, created and written by Jed Mercurio and produced by World Productions for the BBC. The six-part series stars Richard Madden and Keeley Hawes.

The series is set around the fictional character of Police Sergeant David Budd, a heroic British Army war-veteran suffering from PTSD, who is now working as a specialist protection officer for the Royalty and Specialist Protection Branch of London’s Metropolitan Police Service. He is assigned to protect the ambitious Home Secretary Julia Montague, whose politics stand for everything he despises.

Police Sergeant David Budd, an Afghanistan War veteran, is on a train to London Euston when he foils a suicide bomber’s plot to blow up the train. Due to his actions, both terrorist suspects avoid being shot, enabling them to be arrested. His heroism results in his promotion to serve on the detail of Julia Montague, the Home Secretary.

This came recommended from a Radio NZ TV reviewer. Terrific start as Budd talks down a terrorist.


Shannara S1

The Shannara Chronicles – Season 1

The Shannara Chronicles is an American fantasy drama television series created by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar. It is an adaptation of The Sword of Shannara trilogy of fantasy novels by Terry Brooks. The series was filmed in the Auckland Film Studios and on location elsewhere in New Zealand.

This is undoubtedly epic fantasy; sweeping vistas, multiple races and an evil arising to destroy all that is good. Not difficult to see why Brooks is seen as a cheap knock-off of  Tolkien.

So while the sets, special effects and costumes are top notch, the story is  a bit generic. Too many times the ‘heroes’ are saved by a deus ex machina, luck or just bad planning by the opposition.

Manu Bennett is having fun as the Druid Allanon, brooding and rising phoenix-like several times. John Rhys-Davies (Gimli in Lord of the Rings) conveys the weight of his character, the king.

Jed Brophy (Nori in Lord of the Rings) is buried in makeup as the evil villain. The rest of the cast are generic good looking Hollywood actors.

As it has been decades since I read some of the books, there were still surprises to be had. So not bad, and worth moving on to season 2.


(The Second DemonWars Saga #1)
by R.A. Salvatore (2002)

Jilseponie Wyndon (Pony) becomes Queen. However unknown to her, the child she thought lost never died. Aydrian was stolen away by the queen of the elves. He is raised by the Elves, then joins with his mother’s enemy to overthrow the Monarchy and install himself as King.

The first of the second trilogy, this is more human centred politics that wouldn’t be out of place in a George RR Martin novel. Not much action, but with a surprising ending.

Good Place 3.08

The Good Place 3.08 – The Worst Possible Use of Free Will

This is mostly a throwback to a previous reset where Eleanor falls in love with Chidi. Then it’s all about free will vs determinism.

This episode seems to cover ground we have traveled.

At the end, Shawn and Vicky travel to Earth via an illegal portal.

Saul 4.10

Better Call Saul 4.10 – Winner


The final in the last broadcast series. Series 5 has been green-lit and should appear next year.

Kim helps Jimmy’s appeal by arranging public displays where he feigns grief for Chuck. Jimmy participates in interviewing Chuck’s scholarship candidates and connects with one whose past includes shoplifting.

At his appeal, Jimmy speaks extemporaneously about how he wants to bring credit to the McGill name if he’s allowed to practice law again. His appeal succeeds, and even Kim believes him, but he reveals it was a con, and his declaration that won’t practice under his own name stuns her.

Mike intends to kill him, so Werner calls his wife at the airport and convinces her to return home, after which Mike shoots him.

Gus shows Gale the nearly completed lab, constructed according to Gale’s design.

Until the next season, sometime 2019 it’s bye from Saul.