ST:D 2.10

Star Trek Discovery 2.10 The Red Angel
(Hi Mom!)


Tilly discovers a bio-neural scan of the Red Angel in Airiam’s code that matches Burnham.

Leland reveals that Section 31 built the Red Angel time travel suit twenty years ago in a temporal-arms race with the Klingons, and that Burnham’s parents had been part of that program. They plan to use Burnham as bait for the Red Angel.


OK Problem #1 – If the bio-scan matches Burnham and it turns out that it isn’t Burnham, does that mean that the scan was faulty ? Or did her mother use DNA from Burnham to deceive ?

#2 if they trapped future Burnham in a force-field with now Burnham, how was the doctor going to get in to administer help ?

It’s techno-babble in the extreme, and it all adds up to an interesting WTF ending.




(Star Force #11)
by B.V. Larson, David VanDyke (2014)

Lost and cut off from Earth, the crew of the Starship Valiant seeks a way home.

Immediately following from the previous book, this is much better. There is more going on and the plot moves at a better pace.

Despite Cody Riggs being a bit of an ass-hole leader (he seldom tells his subordinates what he is planning) he survives. At the end we are left with a new galaxy to survive a conquer.

Park & Rec 5

Parks and Recreation – Season 5
(the one with Xena, Warrior Princess)

Although not having an overarching storyline, this season details the aftermath of Leslie’s role as a Councilwoman in Pawnee.

Ben Wyatt and April Ludgate move to Washington D.C.
Ann Perkins attempts to get pregnant.
Andy’s attempts at becoming a police officer.
And Ron Swanson meets single mother Diane (Lucy Lawless).


in 2003

Sixteen years ago the United States invaded Iraq. Based on an unconvincing excuse, articulated by George W. Bush in a speech days before invasion:

“Intelligence gathered by this and other governments leaves no doubt that the Iraq regime continues to possess and conceal some of the most lethal weapons ever devised. This regime has already used weapons of mass destruction against Iraq’s neighbors and against Iraq’s people.”


Stereoscenic Records

Releases ‘lush scenes painted with sound’.

From Poemme..

To compilations


ST:D 2.09

Star Trek Discovery 2.09 Project Daedalis

Admiral Cornwell joins Discovery to interrogate Spock, and brings video footage depicting Spock murdering three people. Lt. Cdr. Airiam’s backstory is revealed.

Burnham and Spock attempt to discover why the Red Angel chose Spock, but end up arguing.

Discovery approaches a former penal colony, which is the Section 31 headquarters, and the location where the encoded message was sent in the previous episode.

The ship is damaged attempting to cross a minefield. Burnham, Airiam, and Nahn beam over to the headquarters, where they find Section 31’s four leaders that were killed weeks ago.

At last.. Star Trek gets some grit and drama as they finally get to bump off a character from the bridge, not just some red-shirt.



(Star Force #10)
by B.V. Larson & David VanDyke (2014)

This continues the series:
Star Force 01 Swarm (2010)
Star Force 02 Extinction
Star Force 03 Rebellion
Star Force 04 Conquest
Star Force 05 Battle Station
Star Force 06 Empire
Star Force 07 Annihilation
Star Force 08 Storm Assault
Star Force 09 The Dead Sun (2014)

Read from Sept 2014 to May 2015

It picks up a generation after the last, featuring the son of Kyle Riggs (Cody) and his adventures in space. Cody comes across as a spoilt brat. Not very nice and a jerk.

The book isn’t as good as I remembered the previous ones. But the story kept me going to the end.