VJ Day

Victory over Japan Day (also known as V-J Day, Victory in the Pacific Day, or V-P Day) is the day on which Imperial Japan surrendered in World War II, in effect bringing the war to an end.

The term has been applied to both of the days on which the initial announcement of Japan’s surrender was made – to the afternoon of August 15, 1945, in Japan, and because of time zone differences, to August 14, 1945 (when it was announced in the United States and the rest of the Americas and Eastern Pacific Islands).


Eternal Wand

Journey Out Of Time
by Eternal Wanderers (2017)
Another strange find, this time from Mytishchi, Russia. Part space rock, electronic and avant-garde noise with wordless female vocals.

Elana Kanevskaya – Vocals, Keyboards, Samplers
Tatyana Kanevskaya – Guitars, Charango, Backing Vocals, Samplers
Dimitri Shtatnov – Bass, Backing Vocals, Analog Synths, Effects
Sergey Rogulya – Drums, Percussion



Andy Salvanos
FRAGMENTS is the 2007 debut album by Chapman Stick player Andy Salvanos. From Adelaide, Australia this features a cross-section of early work, including “new folk” compositions, fully improvised material, and some tracks arranged with loops and electronic drums.

It’s somewhere between ECM style jazz and world music. Very calming and subtle. There are five free albums of solo stick playing on Bandcamp.


PK Jazz

PK Jazz Collective
This in internet jazz-rock project from Russia, Astrakhan, formed in may 2012 by keyboardist and song writer Vyacheslav Korotin.

Translated descriptions include…

  • Cybernetic band of the era of retrofuturism, playing on the streets of Metropolis.
  • Cosmic infinity woven from an acidic organ, dissonant guitars and jazz melodies.
  • Eclectic cocktail for midnight gatherings with yourself.




(Jet #3)
by Russell Blake (2012)

Vengeance finds Jet settled down, trying to return to a somewhat normal life of stability and safety. But fate has other plans for her when she becomes embroiled in a terrifying terrorism plot involving figures from her past, whose thirst for revenge forces her back into the kill-or-be-killed world she’d hoped to put behind her forever.

The third book widens it’s scope to take in International conspiracies. Jet seems to have a steady partner in Alan and together they take on a Russian mobster. Just as good as the previous novels, but it does feel like a big setup for the next books.



A surprising find on bandcamp. Three excellent free albums of classic Soul/Funk/R&B.