Lexx 4.04 & 4.05



Lexx 4.04 “Stan Down” August 3, 2001
Goaded by the first lady, Priest does a deal with Stan to kill Prince, but ends up wiping out Orlando, Florida. In a plan to “save the presidency”, he blames Cuba, but Prince isn’t convinced, so organizes a trip down Dealey Plaza to drill home the importance of loyalty, having the first lady sniped. Genevieve G Rota is elected pope, randomly from a real estate guide. A cat becomes possessed by a carrot.

Even more silliness and half-baked satire. The only person having fun is Nigel Bennett as Prince. (2/5)


Lexx 4.05 “Xevivor” August 10, 2001
790 attempts to kill Stan and Xev, by designing the TV game “Xevivor”, to be played on island Zig Zig, which he knows to be infested with ruthless carrot probes. The prize for the survivor of Xevivor is Xev. Stan gets entered as a “wildcard” contestant by 790, to compete against beefcakes. As the TV crew and contestants get turned into carrot zombies, Farley (reincarnated Schlemmi, from Season 2, and Fifi, from season 3), the producer is largely concerned with his possible homosexuality. Meanwhile at Longbore’s space lab, Tina tries to seduce Kai, while showing him pictures from Transylvania.

Now it’s a parody of Survivor – with Zombies. Not as bad as it could be. Again the guest (Farley) is better than the regular crew, who trundle through this one without the enthusiasm necessary for the genre. (3/5)