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by Steven Savile (2014)

A man awakens in a filthy bedroom with no recollection of who he is or how he got there. Seeing an old Gideon bible on a nightstand, he finds a name to call his own – Temple. Immortal is the story of Temple’s quest for identity and purpose in a dying, decaying world. He is no romantic knight, no Sir Gawain, he has no sword and no armour, and in this broken world no one he can trust. He turns his back on everyone and everything as he embarks upon the quest for his own Holy Grail, and tempted by demons and gods every step of the way, he must confront the terrible truth about who he is and how he came to wake up in that damned hotel room.

I’m giving this book 4/5 but I’m not sure why.

First, it’s post-apocalyptic horror, not a genre I have read much of. I am not a fan of horror fiction, however this story was strangely compelling. The character of Temple is uncertain. Is he a terrorist, saint, soldier or just a normal guy. It’s not clear until the end. Then there is the vivid but horrific world he wakes to. It’s very detailed but sick, mutated and scary. I certainly wouldn’t want to be there. But ultimately it’s the journey the character takesĀ  that pulls you through the story.