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Caprica 11

Unvanquished (2010-10-05)

Three weeks have passed and followers of the “One True God” place detonators under their seats at a Pyramid match. Clarice observes the stadium explode, revealing it to be a simulation illustrating her proposal to the leaders of the monotheist church on Gemenon for “Apotheosis”.

Daniel seeks a business partnership with the Ha’la’tha crime syndicate in order to regain control of Graystone Industries, now run by Tomas, and now mass producing Cylons.

Using Zoe’s avatar program, Clarice wants to create a virtual heaven which allows believers to sacrifice themselves in the real world to live forever in a virtual one.

We get a good look at Gemenon and it looks like it’s stuck in medieval England.

Everyone wants to kill everyone else.

It’s not clear how Daniel came to sell his company to Tomas, but to get it back he has to kill someone. This is showing just how psychotic the Adamas are.

The STO leader isn’t  much better, Clarice wants kill people just so they can come to her church.

It looks like all the sane people have left the show.


Caprica 10

End of Line (2010-03-26)

In a 20-hour flash forward, U-87 is driving a stolen van with police choppers in pursuit. Earlier, it is revealed that Daniel’s financial troubles are worsening, and he must sell the Buccaneers. Worse still, the army also knows the chip was stolen, and have given him only a week to finish the project. The powerplay between Clarice and Barnabas also heats up, as both jostle for local STO dominance.

Everything ramps up to the mid-series cliff-hanger.


Caprica 9

Ghosts in the Machine (2010-03-19)

Joseph and Emmanuelle seek Tamara at the New Cap equivalent of the Adama home, but the apartment is inhabited by a drug addict – an “amphead”. As the druggie yields the information that Joseph’s daughter is at a club called “Mysteries,” a gang of drug dealers burst in on the scene and threaten to end his New Cap gamelife.

Although Zoe is agonized by memories of being trapped in a burning house when she was 5, she does not reveal herself.

Daniel is showing just what a bastard he can be to his robot. No Asimov’s  Laws of Robotics here. If there was, the Robot would have removed the petrol can and not shot the dog. It looks like the Graystone marriage is coming to a crisis point.

Joe Adama seems to be getting nowhere fast.

Caprica 8

The Imperfections of Memory (2010-03-12)

Still seeking Zoe’s Avatar program, Clarice redoubles her efforts to gain Amanda’s confidence.

Lacy’s attempts to enlist the help of Barnabas have fallen short, producing tension between her and Zoe.

Zoe continues her ‘romance’ with Philomon, a young scientist in her father’s employ, in hopes that he can assist her in getting her out of the lab.

It looks like Daniel has finally worked out that Zoe is in the robot. There is also some cool CGI in new Caprica. But not a lot is happening.

Caprica 7

Know Thy Enemy (2010-03-05)

After the revelation that the avatar of his daughter Tamara is still lost in the holoband world, Joseph starts a quest to find her by tracking down the whereabouts and identity of Heracles.

Tomas Vergis, haunted by the death of his employees during the MCP chip heist, arrives on Caprica wanting to meet with Daniel. He then accuses that Daniel stole the MCP chip that is now the key to the U-87 Cylon and Graystone’s military contract.

Things really get tense for Daniel as the business rivalry really heats up. And who knew how easy it was to steal company secrets. Just wave a gadget near a computer.


Caprica 6

There is Another Sky (2010-02-26)

There is another sky by Emily Dickinson
There is another sky,
Ever serene and fair,
And there is another sunshine,
Though it be darkness there;
Never mind faded forests, Austin,
Never mind silent fields –
Here is a little forest,
Whose leaf is ever green;
Here is a brighter garden,
Where not a frost has been;
In its unfading flowers
I hear the bright bee hum:
Prithee, my brother,
Into my garden come!

Joseph is having ongoing troubles with Willie, who continues to be absent from school, and is angry to find him working at the Tauron club with Sam. Tamara now wanders around the V-world nightclub and discovers, after being shot by Vesta, that she cannot be killed.

This feels like a filler episode. Graystone moves another small step towards his Cylons. Adama moves forward then promptly backwards when he finds that his daughter is still in virtual space.


Caprica 5

Gravedancing (2010-09-19)

As public outrage keeps mounting, Daniel is finally persuaded to appear on the late-night television show Backtalk with Baxter Sarno and tell his side of the story. Daniel then promises his company will not profit from the lucrative but much maligned Holoband licensing anymore, and that they will also set up a charitable fund.

Now Mr Graystone does something stupid. In admitting he made an avatar of his daughter, he opens the gates to everyone wanting one.

And for a rich woman, Mrs Graystone is not that good at security practices, getting in a car with an unknown man.



Caprica 4

Reins of a Waterfall (2010-02-05)

After Amanda’s revelation, the Graystones face the wrath of angered Capricans, culminating in Amanda’s resignation from the hospital, and a violent altercation between Daniel and Samuel. Lacy begins to be pressured by other students at school re. STO, and the Academy director, Clarice Willow, tries to learn more of the virtual Zoe as well.

Now things are getting intriguing. The Adama brothers are beginning to look like cheap hoods from a 1950’s noir film. And it looks like the cops are just as corrupt. The story ups the stakes for Graystone, and he may have to get inventive to give Adama what he wants.

BSG Science

The Science of Battlestar Galactica
by Patrick Di Justo (2010)


The official guide to the science behind the Battlestar Galactica universe.

This book postulates three laws of ‘The Science of Battlestar Galactica”…
First Law – It’s just a show, relax
Second Law – Space is mostly empty. That’s why it’s called space
Third Law – All this has happened before and it will happen again.

The first should really be ‘Oops, we forgot about that science/engineering/logic when we wrote this’.
The second was stolen from Carl Sagan. And the third is not science but a narrative comment, only making sense within the BSG world and when you have finished the series.

So at the start, this feels like a justification for the science (or lack thereof) used in BSG. The biggest problem I had with the show was why can’t you distinguish between Humans and Cylons.
This is explained by postulating that they used fibre optics and silicon based systems. It’s a bit weak as you still need electronics for signal processing and transmission. I didn’t buy it !

When the book advances to Physics and Cosmology, the authors really shows their expertise. A lot of it I knew, but there was plenty of interesting stuff to read about. The best bits were the comparisons between the BSG military equipment and that used currently by the USA forces.

So Say We All !!

Caprica 3

Rebirth (2010-01-29)


It is now one month since the bombing, and Zoe is having problems distinguishing her real self from her virtual self. Lacy is approached by Sister Clarice Willow, the head of Zoe and Lacy’s school, the Athena Academy, and also a member of the STO cult, who takes a special interest in her. Joseph struggles to connect to his son William, who begins spending time more with his uncle Samuel.

The first problem here is the the decision to cut between depictions of the robot as mechanical and human (using the actor). One switch is all it needs to remind the audience that the robot contains the virtual girl, then the rest can be done with the mechanical prop. But they repeatedly cut between the two. It becomes annoying and at times creepy, especially as the robot is over 2m tall, where the girl is probably 1.6-1.7m.

The second issue is the actions of the mother at the end . This makes no sense (unless she has a death wish). She is portrayed as reserved and introverted, then at the end behaves completely the opposite way.