The Heretics of De’Ath
(The Chronicles of Brother Hermitage #1)
by Howard of Warwick (2010)

England 1066: At the monastery of De’Ath’s Dingle, during a completely pointless theological debate, there is a mysterious death.

Promoted as historical humour, it isn’t really outrageously funny.

It is well written, with clear characters and plot. It doesn’t meander and ultimately provides a good whodunit I enjoyed, There was a teaser at the end, so I proceeded to the next expsode…

Designated Survivor 1.11


Kirkman is taken into surgery after being shot during MacLeish’s swearing-in.  Wells is interrogated about the information she has on MacLeish.

Emily continues to avoid Aaron in the wake of a devastating revelation. MacLeish uses his hours as acting President to conceal his involvement in the failed assassination attempt.

Even more intrigue as Wells finally gets her meeting with the President, who has a miraculous recovery from a gunshot injury.





by Jeremy Robinson (2018)

Stranded in the Amazon rainforest, a lost man fights for survival and discovers that the root of evil doesn’t just reside in the world’s darkest corners, but inside the hearts of all mankind.

Not one of Robinson’s fun reads. This plots the descent of a man lost in the Amazon into a savage beast. It’s dark and depressing, but still compelling reading. It gets a bit strange and confusing near the end, but ultimately redeems itself in the epilogue.


Designated Survivor 1.10

The Oath

Kirkman and Emily attempt to confirm suspicions of a traitor in the White House.  Wells juggles evading federal authorities and learning the identity of her mystery asset. MacLeish prepares to be sworn in as Vice President.

MacLeish looks even more shadier, and Wells more like a Girl Guide !

Designated Survivor 1.09

The Blueprint

Kirkman suspects a disgruntled NSA employee responsible for stealing classified information has an ulterior motive. Wells continues to search for information about MacLeish’s military past as the number of people she can trust continues to dwindle.

WOW, that’s some miniature tech; a storage device of terrabytes the size of a coin.  

Smaller than this !

Designated Survivor 1.08

The Results

Kirkman is forced to consider canceling the Congressional elections following a bioterrorism threat in Kansas City. Leo confronts his parents about the scandal revolving around his parentage. Wells’ investigation into Majid Nassar’s death takes a devastating turn.

A nefarious group get the FBI Director to effectively resign and it looks like MacLeigh is setting himself up to be President. It all sounds to convoluted to be  credible. 


Designated Survivor 1.07

The Traitor

Kirkman attempts to negotiate a three-way spy trade with Saudi Arabia and Russia; Alex finds herself face-to-face with the man who claims to be Leo’s biological father; Wells pursues a lead from the Majid Nassar interrogation only to uncover a shocking secret.

Now the story really dives deep into the conspiracy well. Just how deep and silly things get we will see….


The Outpost
by Mike Resnick (2002)


On the planet Henry II, orbiting the twin suns of Plantagenet and Tudor, at the very edge of the great black hole at the center of the Milky Way, there is a tavern called The Outpost. Through the doors of The Outpost have come the greatest heroes, villains, and adventurers of the galaxy – to drink, to brag, and to swap tales.

This is a series of short stories told in three sections. In the first, the characters gather at a tavern and tell stories of their heroics with the barman as narrator. In the second section, the stories are of a war. Then in the third they return and tell the war stories.

As this is a series of stories, there is little character development and plot. However Mike Resnick’s witty dialogue keeps things interesting and holds the stories together. An unusual structure and probably only for Mike Resnick fans.


Designated Survivor 1.06

The Interrogation

Kirkman’s plans to elect a Congress is put in jeopardy after a shooting disrupts a critical Governors’ Summit; Wells and Atwood interrogate Majid Nassar about his purported role in the Capitol bombing; Aaron and Emily offer MacLeish the position of Vice President.

This is all about a power play between the President and the Congress. Sound familiar ? The congress’ planned immigration block just makes no sense, but it appears that Kirkman has agreed.



Designated Survivor 1.05

The Mission

Finally, a group from “Tough Guys Casting” inc gets to play war games in the middle east. The production doesn’t skimp and provides a decent action sequence, marred by a silly standoff as the end. Still, they get the job done with only one casualty.

And in Washington a very improbable plot starts of a secret bunker being built for Senators.