The Others
by Jeremy Robinson (2018)

UFOs and alien abductions remain one of the most hotly debated and mysterious subjects of the twenty-first century. In the decades since 1960, with reports of strange encounters on the rise, thirteen million people have gone missing worldwide and never been found.

This stand alone novel covers alien abduction (or does it). The first half was what I would expect from Robinson, but around half-way through, the plot starts to slow and there is less action. As a result, this is not his best book. And I had the suspicion throughout the book that I had came across the plot before.



Saul 2.06

Better Call Saul 2.06 “Bali Ha’i”

Kim, with Chuck’s help, is reinstated to her old position, but she is treated coldly by Howard who gives her the most humiliating and menial assignments. She is then approached by Rich Schweikart of Schweikart & Cokely, who tells her that he was impressed with Kim’s performance and offers to hire her into S&C with better benefits.

Mike refuses Hector’s deal, but is constantly harassed by Hector’s goons, including Leonel and Marco Salamanca (who are killed by Hank in Breaking Bad).

And Jimmy gets to sing a song from South Pacific.


Saul 2.05

Better Call Saul 2.05 “Rebecca”

Meanwhile, Kim works hard to bring in a new client to impress HHM enough to reinstate her old position – Not happening. Howard probably just doesn’t like her.

Saul gets a babysitter (someone to look over him).

And Mike gets a strange offer from Tuco’s Uncle.


Saul 2.04

Better Call Saul 2.04 “Gloves Off”

This episode is more about Mike than Jimmy, as he tries to help by not killing Tuco. The plan works, but Mike gets very beaten up. Tuco turns up in Breaking Bad, so he must survive, only to be killed by Hank in a shootout.

Saul 2.03

Better Call Saul 2.03 “Amarillo”

Jimmy bribes a Sandpiper bus driver to allow him to solicit a bus full of Sandpiper residents on their way to lunch. At an HHM meeting, Jimmy presents his client outreach report. Chuck announces his suspicions about the legality of Jimmy’s methods.

Jimmy shows great initiative, trouble is, it’s at odds with the company team culture. Meanwhile, Mike is getting into trouble.