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Cuckoo 1

Cuckoo Series 1

Cuckoo is a British-Irish sitcom that began in 2012 on BBC and worldwide on Netflix.

Greg Davis (as Ken)
his wife Lorna (Helen Baxendale)
daughter Rachel (Tamla Kari)
son Dylan (Tyger Drew-Honey)
and Rachel’s new husband Dale ‘Cuckoo’ Ashbrick (Andy Samberg)

Rachel returns home from her gap year before medical school with a dim-witted husband who has no job and appears to live a hippie life-style.

The real star here is Greg Davis, whose imposing frame (6’8”) works with his sweet relaxed nature to provide most of the comedy.

The first series revolves around him trying to extract a pest from the side of his daughter. But his good nature prevents him from the most outrageous schemes of his  friends and family.


ST:D 2.12

Star Trek Discovery 2.12 Through the Valley of Shadows

A new signal appears over Boreth, a place sacred to Klingons, where a Klingon monastery is located and where monks guard time crystals.

Seriously, how does Pike get those crystals ?
He just walks around and chats with the Klingon then
gets what he wants.

Andrew Todd Review


Park & Rec S7

Parks & Recreation Season 7

The seventh and final season of Parks and Recreation aired in the USA from January to February 2015 and consisted of 13 episodes.

This season junks forward two years, giving Lesley’s children time to grow up and skip her pregnancy.

Leslie has a new career as Regional Director of National Park Service. She has had a fallout with former boss Ron Swanson that is resolved later in the season.

Also included is the rise of fictional tech company Gryzzl. This is a bit of now relevant satire as the company is am amalgam of Google and Facebook. It sucks up everyone’s data and sells them crap.

The series follows the careers of the principle characters and eventually concluded with a suitably schmaltzy ending.

Park & Rec S6

Parks and Recreation (season 6)

Ann Perkins (Rashida Jones) and Chris Traeger (Rob Lowe) move to Michigan to start their family and out of the series.

The main plot of this season is coping with the merger to Eagleton. Diane (Lucy Lawless) and Ron  and get married.

The trip to London was due to Chris Pratt filming Guardians of the Galaxy. He returned to the series in the tenth episode, the series’ 100th episode.


ST:D 2.11

Star Trek Discovery 2.11 Perpetual Infinity


This starts with a flashback to when he Burnhams’ laboratory was attacked by Klingons, Michael’s mother donned the time travel suit to go back in time an hour and warn them of the attack. She instead arrived 950 years in the future to find all sentient life destroyed by Control.

Tethering herself to a nearby planet, Dr. Burnham made over 840 attempts to change the future, including moving humans to her planet, Terralysium, to test how she can change history.

Trying to stop Control from gaining the Sphere’s data, Dr. Burnham was responsible for it crossing paths with the Discovery. Now, the Discovery crew plans to upload the data into the suit and send it into the future where Control cannot access it, while keeping Dr. Burnham in the present,

More sprinklings of plot-oniom. Just when it seems Lyeland can be killed, he escapes.

“I like science,” says Spock, stating the obvious.

ST:D 2.10

Star Trek Discovery 2.10 The Red Angel
(Hi Mom!)


Tilly discovers a bio-neural scan of the Red Angel in Airiam’s code that matches Burnham.

Leland reveals that Section 31 built the Red Angel time travel suit twenty years ago in a temporal-arms race with the Klingons, and that Burnham’s parents had been part of that program. They plan to use Burnham as bait for the Red Angel.


OK Problem #1 – If the bio-scan matches Burnham and it turns out that it isn’t Burnham, does that mean that the scan was faulty ? Or did her mother use DNA from Burnham to deceive ?

#2 if they trapped future Burnham in a force-field with now Burnham, how was the doctor going to get in to administer help ?

It’s techno-babble in the extreme, and it all adds up to an interesting WTF ending.



Park & Rec 5

Parks and Recreation – Season 5
(the one with Xena, Warrior Princess)

Although not having an overarching storyline, this season details the aftermath of Leslie’s role as a Councilwoman in Pawnee.

Ben Wyatt and April Ludgate move to Washington D.C.
Ann Perkins attempts to get pregnant.
Andy’s attempts at becoming a police officer.
And Ron Swanson meets single mother Diane (Lucy Lawless).



Finally, someone in the electric vehicle space works out that you private car is not the answer.

Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield reports:


ST:D 2.09

Star Trek Discovery 2.09 Project Daedalis

Admiral Cornwell joins Discovery to interrogate Spock, and brings video footage depicting Spock murdering three people. Lt. Cdr. Airiam’s backstory is revealed.

Burnham and Spock attempt to discover why the Red Angel chose Spock, but end up arguing.

Discovery approaches a former penal colony, which is the Section 31 headquarters, and the location where the encoded message was sent in the previous episode.

The ship is damaged attempting to cross a minefield. Burnham, Airiam, and Nahn beam over to the headquarters, where they find Section 31’s four leaders that were killed weeks ago.

At last.. Star Trek gets some grit and drama as they finally get to bump off a character from the bridge, not just some red-shirt.


Park & Rec 4

Parks and Recreation Season 4

This season features an overarching story arc, beginning in the first episode and culminating in the finale, where Leslie runs for the city council of Pawnee.

Everything comes together for this season. The characters seem more balanced, often stepping outside their character type. And somehow Amy Phoehler becomes more lovable, the crazier she gets.