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The Chillhop Collection
Collection of chill-out/ down-tempo albums, all free……..


Cover by Bakht Arif

(originally heard on Clockwork Cabaret #466)

The Original

A Live Version


Another cover (Mell Peck)


An operatic version…….



Love This Way

Love My Way   by The Psychedelic Furs was released in 1982 is a long term favorite and recently got into my head again.

To get it out I searched out cover versions of the song.

Here is what I found………

Lowercase Noise

Lowercase Noises comes from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

His name is just Andy, and he is interested in playing the guitar as slow as possible.

The result is music that varies from drone to ambient and post-rock.
In his best album, “James” he is joined by Cello and Violin, resulting in beautiful chamber music.


Bass Battle

Bass Battle comes from Bucharest, Romania and has two albums of solo bass guitar playing. It’s well done, just instrumental with multi-tracked playing.

Superfluous Motor



Superfluous Motor from Niagara Falls, Ontario was started by Greg Chambers in 2012.

This is a mix of modern Jazz Fusion with Progressive Rock. There is definitely an influence from the post Miles Davis Jazz. A lot reminds me of the Mike Mainieri band Steps Ahead.



(converted from French)
Inspired by the early works of Jean-Michel Jarre, the artist of the north-east of France has been integrating for some years the influence of Klaus Schulze. He built a work which ravished the amateurs of the two currents. Elaborate harmonies, interlaced sequences and constructed in multiple strata, songs and solos that expose themselves to ecstasy.

Strana 03

Strana 03 – Landscapes in Portal

After Crying

After Crying is a one of the first of the modern progressing rock bands I came across in the mid 1990s (the second wave of prog). From Hungary and established in 1986.

it’s more towards the explicitly contemporary classical music style. A lot of the music uses acoustic symphonic instruments, with electric bass, guitar and drums thrown in.

The first album I got was De Profundis (1996)

This starts with choral singing, then quickly morphs into a more dark dramatic tone. Most of the albums are similar, however the best are :

Bootleg Symphony (2000)

which is more of a Symphonic piece, and ‘Struggle For Life” (1999)

A sprawling 2 CD, mostly live recording that ends with John Wetton singing Starless.