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A surprising find on bandcamp. Three excellent free albums of classic Soul/Funk/R&B.


Welcome Pluto

Welcome to the World
by Still Pluto
This comer from ‘Southern City’s Lab’, a Russian publisher for various forms of independent rock, electronic and avant-garde music.

This is in the classic ‘Heavy Rock’ genre. Grungy guitars, lots of riffs and a powerful rhythm section. Play it loud !!


Chrome A-HD

After using Chromecast Audio for a few days, it became apparent that the audio quality was not as good as expected. Eventually I found this feature:

It should have been on by default !


Genre Delem-nia


After several years of music on a server, it is necessary to create genres and create playlists after some variations, I eventually settled on the following:


Genre Description
1 Ambient Textured/low dynamics
2 BerlinSchool Electronic Orchestral
3 Chamber Small # Instruments, Mainly Acoustic
4 Space Tranquil, Hypnotic
5 Chill Upbeat, light electronic
6 Synthwave Heavy electronic with reverb
7 Trip-Hop Dynamic electronic
8 Psybient Psychedelic + Electronic
9 Downbeat Relaxed Chill
10 Prog Rock Polyrhythmic Rock
11 Rock Blues based
12 Space Rock Long Form Prog Rock Jams
13 Disco Bass heavy dance
14 Post Rock Textured Guitars
15 Jazz Soloing /Lead Instruments
16 Vocal Focus on vocals
17 Orchestral Sympnonies, Concertos
18 Metal Heavily Distorted Guitars
19 Symphonic Metal Metal + Choir, Soprana


Then when I seriously started storing mp3’s on my smartphone, it became apparent that 19 types were too many. This was reduced to just six……..


1 Ambient Soft & Relaxing with low dynamics
2 Electronic Keyboard/Computer created (not in an other category)
3 Rock Bass/Drums/Guitar based
4 Vocal Focus on vocals
5 Orchestral Symphonies, Concertos
6 Metal Heavily Distorted Guitars




Music Link Test

Spotify Limit

Initially I thought it would be possible to save album links for all the CDs I owned within Spotify. Unfortunately Spotify has a 10,000 saved song limit. This appears to include any albums or artist links you save. And I have already reached that limit. As an alternative, this is a test of a web page that will hold the link to each artist:

A Model Kit Bandcamp
A.e.r.o. Spotify
ABBA Bandcamp
Absurdcus Bandcamp
Adaptive, The Bandcamp
Aesma Daeva Spotify
Afformance Spotify
Afformance Bandcamp
After Crying Spotify
After Forever Spotify
Agents Of Mercy (Stolt) Spotify
Alan Parsons Project Spotify
Alba Ecstasy Bandcamp
Alice Deejay Spotify
All India Radio Bandcamp
Alpha Wave Movement Spotify
Amon Duul II Spotify
Amos, Tori Spotify
Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe Spotify
Anderson, Jon Spotify
Anderson, Laurie Spotify
Android Lust Spotify
Aphotic Apathy Bandcamp
April Rain Spotify
Ariaphonics Spotify
Arise From Thorns Spotify
Armatrading, Joan Spotify
Armstrong, Craig Spotify
Art of Noise Spotify
Artemis Bandcamp
Ascendant Bandcamp
Ashlyn C Bandcamp
Ashra Spotify
Asia Spotify
Asleep At The Wheel Spotify
Astropilot Bandcamp
At War with Self Spotify
Atlas, Natacha Spotify

Eyes Closed

‘Close Your Eyes’ from the album ‘My Brain is a Receiver‘ by Troika is not the only song with this name.

My favorite version is from Oxygene8 in the ‘Freak of Chance’ album:


Another good version is by ‘Grey Eyes Glances’:

Then there is the Bic Runga version…..



God Knows

“God Only Knows” was written by Brian Wilson and Tony Asher for The Beach Boys, released in May 1966 album “Pet Sounds”. Covered by numerous artists, it turned up on American Idon sung by winner Maddie Poppe. Her version was unique…


Another fine version by Kina Grannis…


and MonaLisa Twins


Sara Niemietz gets a but cute in the middle:


And the original:





After browsing Post-Rock bands from Estonia to Chile, I came upon a band from New Zealand. Then I found it was from Christchurch and further, that it had a show due on 21 July.

The band is Troika and it would be performing at the New City Hotel. There were three bands playing that night. Fortunately Troika was up first, starting at 8:30pm and doing a one hour set.

The first song immediately sounded like early Pink Floyd, with a big rattling drum sound.

The band comprises:
Dorian Lemonnier on drums/vocals.
Alan Kang on guitar/vocals
David Webber on bass/vocals

The music is intense post-rock. Guitar and Bass work closely together to create a wall of sound, and in the conclusion of each piece, an intense LOUD wall of sound. In fact the volume was so loud for the small pub setting, it could have been wound down a few notches.

The drums were also loud and closely miked, although this didn’t stop Dorian from hitting them very hard. I began to wonder what they would have sounded like without amplification.

They appeared to have problems with the microphones for vocals as when they did sing on occasion it was muffled and unclear.

All guys are great musicians, and the songs, while standard fare for the genre showed originality and flair. The three albums are a great example of modern Post-Rock.

They will be playing again on August 4.



Small Star

Little Star – Celestine

According to her description:

Creatress ~ Starseed ~ Conduit

and ‘Alchemist of consciousness, Anchoring Truth, Transmuting Spirit to sound’ this could be some new-age mumbo jumbo.It’s actually very effective sparse female vocals with minimal instrumentation. Influence must have been Miranda Sex Garden and Jan Garbarek’s Officium.

While the original album is very sedate, the three remix albums are more interesting as they have more instrumentation and a denser mix. Some I recognize (Erothyme & Subaqueous) but most unknown.