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(converted from French)
Inspired by the early works of Jean-Michel Jarre, the artist of the north-east of France has been integrating for some years the influence of Klaus Schulze. He built a work which ravished the amateurs of the two currents. Elaborate harmonies, interlaced sequences and constructed in multiple strata, songs and solos that expose themselves to ecstasy.

Strana 03

Strana 03 – Landscapes in Portal

After Crying

After Crying is a one of the first of the modern progressing rock bands I came across in the mid 1990s (the second wave of prog). From Hungary and established in 1986.

it’s more towards the explicitly contemporary classical music style. A lot of the music uses acoustic symphonic instruments, with electric bass, guitar and drums thrown in.

The first album I got was De Profundis (1996)

This starts with choral singing, then quickly morphs into a more dark dramatic tone. Most of the albums are similar, however the best are :

Bootleg Symphony (2000)

which is more of a Symphonic piece, and ‘Struggle For Life” (1999)

A sprawling 2 CD, mostly live recording that ends with John Wetton singing Starless.




Supercozi is a Japanese electronic artist / DJ, also a behalf of Electronic unit Zen Lemonade. She creates alternative & experimental Electronica, Chillout, Techno, Progressive, Glitch-Hop, Dub, Psychill, Ambient with twist and psychedelic texture.

An interesting mix of genres and styles. Somehow it all comes together into music that is both groovy and chill.


Nick Williams has been releasing Space Ambient music under the name of Susperia-Electrica since 2008. He is an ambient electronic artist, composer and producer hailing from Sussex in the United Kingdom.

There are 15 albums, all free on his bandcamp page. This is very traditional space music with inspirations from Vangelis and Tangerine Dream. Great for late night relaxing.




Barrows is a post-rock band from Los Angeles, California that fuses atmospheric and heavy music in the form of sprawling concept albums. The band creates entrancing, circling riffs and rhythms intercut with explosive peaks and brilliant subtleties.



Op Zop

Op Zop Too Wah
by Adrian Belew (1996)

“Op Zop Too Wah” is the tenth solo album by Adrian Belew.

This is notable as it was one of the first CDs I purchased online from America. It cost $34 and probably took ages to get here. Now that’s worth two months of spotify and probably 20 albums from Bandcamp.