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Travelers 1.09-10


1.09 “Bishop”
After asking Marcy to move out, David admits he cannot bear to be without her. She tells him she is dying, and they kiss. Trevor tries to connect with his father. Jeff files assault charges, preventing Carly from finding a job. She asks him to take the baby for an afternoon, unaware he has tipped Kat off to Carly’s relationship with MacLaren. Under orders, a traveler murders her host’s Cabinet-member husband, and instructs MacLaren to board a flight as Congressman Bishop’s seatmate. In flight, MacLaren learns he is to activate a stasis field to save himself and Bishop, while all others aboard will die in a crash. MacLaren discovers Kat followed him on board, believing she would witness his infidelity. He instructs Kat and Bishop to use the stasis device, and attempts to survive impact unaided, using only Philip’s knowledge of the crash. At the crash site, the team resuscitate Kat and Bishop, and Bishop is overwritten. To Carly’s dismay, MacLaren is taken away by traveler paramedics before the team can reach him.

1.10 “Kathryn”
Marcy erases Kat’s memory of the crash and of the preceding day, and stages her home to make it appear as if she had drunk too much the night before. Philip removes MacLaren’s car from the airport, but Forbes believes it is theft. Carly extracts Philip, while Forbes and Kat search for MacLaren. An advanced traveler medical team treats MacLaren with nanites to repair his massive internal damage. Trevor undergoes a painful procedure to grow a transplant heart for MacLaren. Unconscious, MacLaren experiences memories of his host’s life with Kat. He discovers that they were deeply in love, and that she very much wanted to have children. She did not because MacLaren feared losing Kat after she suffered a life-threatening miscarriage. He also sees that they began to grow apart due to MacLaren’s work commitments. MacLaren recovers in time to stage a cover story for Forbes, claiming that Philip is MacLaren’s confidential informant and went rogue to prove that MacLaren’s life is insecure. MacLaren returns home, and tries to apologize to Kat, but she avoids him.


(Land of Dis #1)
by Robert Kroese (2015)


Distopia tells the story of Wyngalf the Bold, the legendary hero renowned for ridding the land of Dis of the scourge of dragons. The story begins as Wyngalf, a young missionary for an obscure religious sect, arrives in the port city of Skuldred. Desperate to prove his worth to his superiors, Wyngalf finds himself drafted into leading a missionary voyage across the sea to the semi-legendary land of Dis.

It’s not until the second book that I realized just good an author Kroese is. The prose is always clear and precise. He gives a good description of the environment and character motivations are always apparent.

Then there is the story, just when you think you know what will happen, there is a twist. When you think you have figured out the tropes he is using, things will change.

And on top of all that he writes some brilliant comedy scenes. Not that the rest is devoid of humour, the tone is always witty and fun without being crude Writing humour is difficult and he does it with ease. All this keeps you reading to the end and wanting more.

Travelers 1.07-8



1.07 “Protocol 5”
Resuming their hosts’ lives, the team suffer paranoia and hallucinations, side effects of the antitoxin. MacLaren’s coworkers hold a surprise party for his 15th anniversary with the bureau.

After Rene attempts to shoplift some clothes with Trevor and another friend, Trevor confronts the two outside, in an alley.

David reluctantly helps Marcy perform surgery on herself to prevent seizures.

1.08 “Donner”
A suicide bomber and his victims are set to become travelers, but the bomb explodes and only Donner, the bomber, survives. Devastated by his failure, Donner tries to betray the traveler program to the authorities, but the entire hearing is populated by travelers who hold a trial and convict Donner of treason.

Philip discovers that gambling outcomes are deviating slightly from the historic record.

Travelers 1.05-6

1.05 – “Room 101”
A family of four are about to die in a car crash when the mother, father, and son become travelers. Charlotte, the daughter, retains her identity when the team’s historian’s transfer misfires, so MacLaren sends her to stay with her grandparents until the others complete their mission. Trevor, Carly, Marcy, and Philip are abducted and interrogated about the future until Carly kills their guard. David alerts MacLaren when Marcy does not come home, who is able to find and rescue the team with Officer Boyd.

1.06 “Helios 685”
Travelers transfer into a cult preparing for mass suicide. MacLaren’s team, the cult, and many other travelers, including senior engineer Bloom, meet at the antimatter facility. Bloom reveals that the future is not as united as it once was. Dosed with antitoxin, they release a toxic cloud to force a local evacuation. Gleason interrogates Delaney until MacLaren returns her to the facility and explains the nature of travelers. Gleason discovers Delaney’s escape and prepares to return to her lab. Using the antimatter to power an x-ray laser, the travelers intend to deflect asteroid Helios 685, saving millions of lives and preventing the environmental catastrophes and devastating wars that led to their dark future.


Travelers 1.03-4



Episode 3:
The team rescue an abducted child Aleksander Andrieko before his murder.

Episode 4:
MacLaren and Forbes stake out a criminal transaction, assisting an older traveler team. The incident’s survivors, whose leader, Rick Hall, reveals that the deal was the assigned transfer of a device with a Russian traveler team.




(Jet #8)
by Russell Blake (2014)

From the squalid ports of Panama to the cartel enclaves of Colombia, Jet and Matt must battle the deadliest threats they’ve yet faced if they are to survive.

Essentially a chase from country to country as the two protagonists and their daughter journey to be together. Chased by drug lords, police and anyone out for a fast buck. Still got the action, but less of the intrigue this time. Another exciting read.





(Land of Dis)
by Robert Kroese (2013)

King Boric the Implacable knows death comes to all great warriors. He just didn’t expect it to be so damn fickle.

Felled by an assassin’s blade, he should be spending eternity carousing in the Hall of Avandoor. Instead, his spirit is bound to his decaying body by the enchanted sword of Brakslaagt. And unless he can hunt down the mysterious Lord Brand, who gave him the weapon so long ago, he is cursed to wander the earth forever as an undead wraith.

This is the first book by Robert Kroese I have read and for some reason have started with the second book in the series
(it doesn’t matter).

Thoroughly enjoyed the book.

It has the type of wit and humour I enjoy. However I find comparisons  to Terry Pratchet strange. This is more like a combination of Paul Dale’s Dark Lord Trilogy and Dan Abnett’s Darkblade series. It certainly has the pacing of a Dan Abnett story and the wry humour of Paul Dale.

Now a Kroese fan…


(The Second DemonWars Saga #2)
by R.A. Salvatore (2003)

It is the summer of 839. Brave and beautiful Brynn Dharielle sets out on a daring mission to free her beloved homeland from tyrannical rule. But she cannot imagine the depth of chaos, corruption, and betrayal that seethes admist a ruthless sect of warrior priests, led and manipulated by an evil chieftain who conceals a dark, age-old secret.

This is number six, and it has taken six months to get through these audio-books. Sometimes there has been breaks that mean I have to pick up on the story each time. It’s definitely a  slow way to read and after this series (one more to go) I’m done with long novels in audio format.

The story itself is involved and involves a Dragon, wars, intrigue and lots of bloodshed. Still interesting enough to see where this ends.


Travelers 1.01-2

Travelers is a Canadian-American science fiction television series created by Brad Wright, starring Eric McCormack, Mackenzie Porter, Jared Abrahamson, Nesta Cooper, Reilly Dolman, and Patrick Gilmore.

The show premiered worldwide on December 23, 2016. Currently there are three seasons.

Premise: In a post-apocalyptic future, thousands of special operatives are tasked with preventing the collapse of society. These operatives, known as “travelers”, have their consciousnesses sent back in time and transferred into the body of present-day individuals who would otherwise be moments from death, to minimize unexpected impact on the timeline.

An interesting premise, and one that has been used in Science Fiction before. The first episode introduces the main characters and how they are ‘transformed’ to be travelers.

The second sets the form and gives the team a mission; to shut down an anti-matter device before it explodes.

Well done and it will be interesting to see where it goes with character development and the long story being told.


Movies 2018

All the Movies of 2018 with comments

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
American art-house film gets awards

My review at the time (4 Feb) called it the best movie of 2018 – it still is !

Black Panther
Black Americans take over film industry, make cracker of a movie.

The Death of Stalin
Grim comedy

Pacific Rim: Uprising
Not as good as the first

Ready Player 1
Can never replace the book

First netflix movie reviewed !

Early Man
Fun & silly Ardman clay-mation

Dwayne Johnson vs a Gorilla !

Avengers Infinity War
Long, too many characters and no ending

The Breaker Uppers
Kiwi comedy

Deadpool 2
Misses the point of the first (see Kermode Review)

Star Wars: Solo
Dark in colour and tone.

Jurrassic World: Fallen Kingdom
Dinosaurs on the rampage – again

Incredibles 2
Good, but I have already forgotten the plot

Ant-Man & Wasp
Fun B-Movie, Evangeline Lily gets starring role

Mission Impossible: Fallout
Best action movie of the year. Filmed in NZ

Mortal Engines
Just too derivative (maybe it’s the book)

Colourful underwater adventure

Ralph Breaks the Internet
Surprisingly good, ignore reviews.