Rocketship Patrol

Rocketship Patrol
by J. I. Greco (2012)

Rookie police officer Dana Loy is about to cross paths with a love-struck robot out for revenge, unscrupulous alien scavengers, an entire fleet of pirates, and a psychotically single-minded criminal mastermind.

This comedic science fiction story has lots of similarities to Simon Haynes Hal Spacejock series. Both have idiots for comedic effect, robots, spaceships, aliens etc. All the sci-fi tropes needed are present. And it’s got a similar tone.

Things do become unnecessarily complicated in the middle of the story with a few too many characters and plots. But in the final third is simplifies to a decent ending.



Rhyme One

Once Upon a Rhyme
(Charming Tales #1)
by Jack Heckel (2014)

The dragon is dead. The princess has been saved. There is but one problem: Prince Charming had nothing to do with it.

In order to save his royal reputation, Prince Charming must begrudgingly enlist the help of accidental hero William Pickett.

Another example of a story that starts promising; a pheasant saves the day. There are witty characters and fun adventures. Then it tries to morph into a story of palace intrigue, this doesn’t really work so it ends with a few battles and a ‘Happily ever after”.

So OK, but not good enough to continue with this author.


Snow Shadow

Shadows on Snow
(Flipped Fairy Tales #1)
by Starla Huchton (2014)

Once upon a time, a dark evil crept into my kingdom, stealing my loved ones and the happy life I knew. The world turned against me, and I swore to become stronger, to keep myself safe.

As the series title implies, this is a fairy tale fantasy that uses existing characters in a different way. For this, it’s Cinderella and Snow White with the sexes reversed.

Written in first person, it’s has all the fairy tale tropes; magic, evil and a clear objective for the protagonists. A good read, but more adventure that comedy or satire.



War Princess

Let Slip the Princesses of War
by David Schenck (2016)

The Princess and the Pea has a drinking problem but she’s deadly with a six-gun, Cinderella has a flaming sword and a rodent infestation, and Rapunzel has cut off her hair to make a lethal whip and has a very foul mouth.

The Wicked Queen has almost won. Only Snow White’s kingdom still stands. She has gathered together Princesses from all the defeated kingdoms to form the Princess Company. These Princesses have thrown off their fine clothes and strapped on their armor.

A bit of fun nonsense involving fairy tale princesses with fighting skills. While not explicitly intended as comic, the tone and situations fit the genre. The ‘naughty’ version has plenty of swear words that set the tone, but it would have been just as effective without them.



2009 Honda Skydeck

(Sliding and flying doors)

What were the Japanese designers on when they came up with this?. Those rear doors are going to intersect with a lot of road furniture. And the front doors will never open in a garage. Just nuts.


Viking Erik

The Saga of Erik the Viking
by Terry Jones (1983)

This is one tale of a Viking warrior who lived hundreds and hundreds of years ago. His name is Erik.’ And Erik is no ordinary Viking. With his trusty band of men he sets sail in search of the land where the sun goes at night.

Written in the same mythical tone as the “Fantastic Stories” tales. A fun, rollicking tale full of magic, mysticism and wit. Read in a day (only 40K)

David Mitchell

Back Story
by David Mitchell (2012)

David Mitchell, who you may know for his inappropriate anger on every TV panel show except Never Mind the Buzzcocks, his look of permanent discomfort on C4 sex comedy Peep Show, his online commenter-baiting in The Observer or just for wearing a stick-on moustache in That Mitchell and Webb Look, has written a book about his life.

Good Place 52-53

The Good Place Episode 52 & 53 “Whenever You’re Ready”

The Finale, the absolute, sleazy predictable yet touching end.

As time passes, the gang begin to decide to exit the Good Place and end their existences. Jason is first; he throws a farewell party, and makes a necklace as a gift for Janet, though he loses the necklace as she walks him to the exit door.

After reconciling with her parents, Tahani decides, instead of ending her existence, to become an afterlife architect. When Chidi decides to leave, Eleanor, fearing abandonment, tries to convince him to stay. He agrees, but is unhappy; Eleanor realizes she must let him make his own decision.

After Janet brings Chidi to the exit, Jason reappears; he found the necklace, and then spent eons contemplating the universe waiting for her to return.

He gives it to her and follows Chidi through the door. Eleanor persuades Mindy St. Clair to leave her Medium Place and enter the new afterlife.

Michael can’t use the door because he isn’t a human; Eleanor persuades the Judge to allow him to become human and live a life on Earth. Eleanor, finally content, exits.

Pieces of her soul drift down to Earth and inspire a man to return a wrongly delivered letter to its intended recipient, Michael. He thanks the man and tells him to “Take it sleazy.”