Mobile Terrace

2003 Suzuki Mobile-Terrace

(Sliding Doors with a terrible name)

4.050m long, 1.695m wide and 1.774m high with a wheelbase of 3.0m.

The body is opaque and the top is completely made of tinted glass.

In addition to siding doors, the roof rises like the wings of a bird. It looks like the seats rotate and slide out from the body of the vehicle.

Lost in Space 2.6-10

2.6 “Severed”

All metal has been quarantined due to the contamination, but the Resolute becomes infected. Penny, Vijay, Dr. Smith, and the teacher are trapped by the corrosion.

Here comes the Deus ex Machina to save the day.

2. 7 “Evolution” &  2.8 “Unknown”

Maureen comes up with a plan to get the water needed to save all of the colonists from a nearby gas giant and launches a mutiny.

Well of course, only one of the main protagonists can come up with a solution. Will it work, of course, she is brilliant !

2.9 “Shell Game”

To protect himself from repercussions for his actions, Hastings plots to murder John and Maureen while they are outside the ship during the water reclamation mission.

Now that the adults are out, the kids get to play. Generally trashing the place by driving a rover through the corridors.

2.20 “Ninety-Seven”

And finally, despite all that talk of families sticking together no matter what, they separate the children out (97 of them) and stay to fight the robots.

This contradicts the ‘morality’ of previous episodes, but hey, we need a set-up for the next series !


Cinema 7D

2003 EDAG Cinema 7D

(Best in Class Sliding Doors)

Little can be found about this car. It’s certainly one of the better looking ones, and looks to be a practical vehicle that would work as an EV. What’s surprising is the three wide passenger seats.


Lost in Space 2.1-5

More danger for Will Robinson in Season 2.

2.1 “Shipwrecked”

The Robinsons, Don and Smith are stranded on a planet with a methane atmosphere. After a breach of atmosphere, to try to recharge the ship’s battery, they add sails to the Jupiter and try to sail to an area of electrical storm activity.

A good start, the annoying Dr Smith is sidelined in a story is at first confusing but soon resolves into a Robinson’s vs Nature story.

2.2  “Precipice”

The Jupiter remains on the precipice. Penny and Maureen to fall off the Jupiter and into the crevice.

The main plot fits with a very Asimov or A.C. Clarke hard Sci-Fi story.

2.3 “Echoes”

The Robinsons arrive on the Resolute only to find it evacuated.

Now they are on a space-ship, the writers absolutely rip off the films Alien and Aliens, down the the young ‘Newt’ like girl.

2.4 “Scarecrow”

The colonists attempt to find water, but the water turns out to destroy metal. A mineshaft collapses, trapping John.

Still keeping to the Hard Sci-Fi story, but with more of Dr Smith. It seems the writers have understood the limitations of the character and keep her plot to a minimum.

2.5 “Run”

John is injured trying to escape the well. Don discovers the metal fatigue is spread by contact. Judy steals a rover to help John, but gets stranded.

This episode is mainly about the relationship between a father and his adopted daughter. While she is a bit of a ‘Mary Sue’ in defeating multiple challenges, the plot nicely ramps up all the plot-lines to built  tension at the halfway point of the season.

Wasp 4

(The Navy of Humanity: Wasp Squadron Book 4)
by Jonathan Brazee (2019)

She has spent her career building a reputation. No one wants to mess with Beth when she’s behind the stick of her fighter, but this time, she’s not flying it. Can the Navy’s biggest bad-ass ace get the job done without her tech?

After my high praise of the first three books, I realize this was mainly due to the path of the protagonist through training to become an Ace pilot. Now she is the best, even gets medals for it. Now she has a mission which she carries out, with difficulty but ultimately gets the job done.

Now that she has been set-up as practically indestructible, she is less interesting. The story is simple and without the intrigue of the previous stories.


1999 Pinanfarina Metrocubo

(cube with sliding doors)

A small car, just a tiny bit over the 2.5 metres in length.

Powered by a four stroke, 505cc two cylinder gasoline engine that works as a generator charging the batteries at the rate of 6.3 kW per hour. The electric motor has a capacity of 35 kW.

Its top speed is reported to be slightly above 100kph when operating on its electric motor. The battery capacity was limited to 40 km. But with the petrol engine, 10 litre petrol tank it could go up to 300km


Movies of 2019

The Movies of 2019

An environmental movie about the future.

6 Underground
Michael Bay goes nuts on Netflix.

Ad Astra
Brad Pitt wanders the Solar System looking for a plot.

James Cameron CGI spectacle.

Angel Has Fallen
Gerald Butler rescues the President.. again.

Captain Marvel
Invincible super-hero’s origin story.

Ford vs Ferrari
Kiwi racing drivers barely get a mention.

Frozen II
More snow and songs, more slush than sparkle.

Gozzilla 2
Dark and dumb – the Humans, not the Monsters.

Hobbs and Shaw
Statham & Johnson fight Idris Alba.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World
Now hidden from memory.

Jumanji 2
Funnier than before.

Knives Out
One Mansion Crime who-dun-it.

Explaining financial favors.

Lego 2

Netflix best SciFi so far.

Zachary Levi (Chuck) gets big screen role.

Star Wars IX
The whole thing wrapped up, with thematic repeats.

Terminator Dark Fate
They should have stopped after #2.

The Wandering Earth
Nuts Chinese Big Budget Sci-Si.

Toy Story 4
Nobody ordered this one.

Books of 2019

5 Star Books of 2019

(in no particular order)

Jonathan P. Brazee – Wasp Series

Fast paced Military Science Fiction, and now I see episode 4 is out !

Robert Kroese

New discovery, a humorous fantasy and science fiction Author. While probably best known for the Mercury series, it was his first and not as good as the Land of Dis fantasy Series.

and the Rex Nihilo Sci-Fi series.

But the big (17 novel) series of the year Was Morgan Rice’s Sorcerer’s Ring Series. Epic Fantasy.



New Years Resolution = STOP Downloading Stuff.

It’s been 10 years since I started reading eBooks (remember the Palm Pilot ?). And in the years eBooks have been accumulating. From free books from Amazon, to the Internet Archive and Gutenberg, they just keep increasing. Now the Calibre library has been down-sized. But even then I can’t chuck stuff out. It just gets stored on an external hard drive.

As for music, with Spotify, Bandcamp and Chromecast everything can be streamed to speakers or just played on the Smartphone. Those albums not available on streaming services are in MP3 format on the phone.

And TV, Movies are almost all streamed. Between TVNZ on Demand, Lightbox, Netflix and Disney+ I don’t need DVDs.

But will keep a few, just to play and keep under the Broadband 120gig cap.