Man Down #4

Man Down, the forth (and final season). Dan becomes a father. Not a very good one. After an unfortunate incident in the park, embarrassing himself at the christening and fighting with a goose things aren’t looking good.

This series really goes all out with the physical (and gory humour). But in the end it’s good for us (it’s very funny) but bad for Dan as he descends into oblivion.





On this Day…

In 1983 Pioneer 10 became the first man-made object to leave the central Solar System when it passed beyond the orbit of Neptune.

In 2010, a capsule of the Japanese spacecraft Hayabusa, containing particles of the asteroid 25143 Itokawa, returns to Earth.

Man Down #3

Man Down Season 3

Dan’s job is really going down the toilet. He is looking for a way out and wants to immigrate to America. Will is happen – hardly (he has friends to annoy).

The main plot of this series is his discovery that he is adopted (well, sort of).

Also the fun of having Tony Robinson (Baldrick) involved as his Mum’s new boyfriend.


And the most surprising guest cameo of Mark Hamill.

Man Down #2

Man Down Season 2

With the departure of Rik Mayall, Staphanie Cole (77) steps in as Dan’s Aunt.

Stephanie Cole

She plays a batty old farmer’s wife to great extreme.

The plots get more weird and out there. With more outside locations it looks like they have more money to spend.

Still, the scripts keep being funny, so nothing to complain about.


Enlistment Terms

Terms of Enlistment
(Frontlines #1)
by Marko Kloos (2013)

The year is 2108, and the North American Commonwealth is bursting at the seams. For welfare rats like Andrew Grayson, there are only two ways to get out.

You can hope to win the lottery and draw a ticket on a colony ship settling off-world, or you can join the service.

The start of an excellent military science fiction series. There isn’t much background as to why there is need for a military space force, but it seems the earth is in decline and human habitation has spread throughout the galaxy.

Mod the the book is fairly standard ‘boy joins the army’ genre. Everything has an internal logic and not too much time is spent trying to explain the science of the ships, FTL travel etc.

It’s not until the final third that the aliens show up and humanity has a problem with it’s expansion to other planets. It’s all looking good for an interesting for the six book series.



Man Down #1

Following Cuckoo, I tried Greg Davies’ earlier work.

Man Down is a British sitcom broadcast from 2013 (series 1) to 2017 (series 4). Greg stars as Dan, a man who hates his job as a teacher and who recently broke up with his girlfriend.

The notable thing is this was one of Rik Mayall’s last works. Despite being only 10 years older than Davies, he plays his father. A very rude, cheeky and naughty one. He frequently plays embarrassing pranks on Dan. It is revealed in season two he sees his son as a mate and expects something similar in response.

Dan is a teacher, and a very bad one. He subjects his students (young teens) to indifference an abuse. They give the same back.

Despite being on Netflix, it also turns up on YouTube.

Good Girl 2

Good Girls the second season premiered on March 3, 2019. NBC renewed the series for a third season.

Season two continues in a with a similar plot to the first. This time the girls have an FBI agent (or two) on to them. Will they elude capture, kill many people and do a few robberies ?

Of course, with a cliff-hanger ending and a third season.