Wrecked Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph is a 2012 American 3D computer-animated comedy film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios.

It is the 52nd Disney animated feature film. The film was directed by Rich Moore in his directorial debut, who also directed episodes of The Simpsons, The Critic, and Futurama, and the screenplay was written by Phil Johnston and Jennifer Lee from a story by Moore, Johnston, and Jim Reardon.


Fairly sure I saw this in the cinema. It’s a big fun, candy coated film about depression, anxiety, achieving your goals and (ultimately) friendship.

Everyone is great in the film and it became a success, making $471m off a $165m budget.

The most memorable character must be Sgt Calhoun, who takes the female form to new levels of absurd.


The Gropes
by Tom Sharpe (2007)


It is one of the more surprising facts about Old England that one can still find families living in the same houses their ancestors built centuries before and on land that has belonged to them since before the Norman Conquest. The Gropes of Grope Hall are one such family….

His last novel.

Apparently not his best, but entertaining anyway. As required by the genre this features dim-witted British folk doing stupid things in the name on satire and farce.

A fun read, but it does end abruptly, leaving a lot of plot threads hanging.


Winnie 2

Winnie the Pooh is a 2011 American animated musical comedy film produced by Walt Disney. This is the 51st Disney animated feature film and not related to the previous 1977 version.

It’s not clear why Disney though it a good idea to repeat with another interpretation of the books. It shares a lot of graphic styling with the previous film. Most notable is  the way the characters interact with the pages and text of a book on the screen.

It does have some well known voice cast:

But in the end it’s the story that let it down. It just wasn’t engaging, making this the first Disney film I gave up on.


Better Life

Better than Life
(Red Dwarf #2)
by Grant Naylor (1993)

Given the strange nature of time in this book, it is only appropriate that I am reading the second book of the trilogy first.

It’s all based on the TV series broadcast in the 1990.

At first is is rather confusing as each character seems to have his own plot-line in some artificial world. Then things coalesce  as the character come together on a joint story.

There are plenty of incidents and things I recall from the TV series. And some scenes are direct copies from the show. Still got that British sense of silliness and humour.



Infinite Welcome

Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers
(Red Dwarf #1)
by Grant Naylor (1992)

Dave Lister joins the space corps and finds himself aboard Red Dwarf, a spaceship as big as a small city.

So this is the first book in the series. And it’s just the script of Red Dwarf, from the beginning but with extra bits. After a while it becomes predictable and not that funny. Oh well, there is always the TV show.

Tangled Ends

Tangled Final 3 Episodes

3.19-21 – “Plus Est En Vous”

Rapunzel rallies all of Corona together to take back the kingdom. Varian learns that Demanitus made a machine that trapped Zhan Tiri in another world. Rapunzel, Eugene, Pascal, Varian, Lance, Angry and Red venture to Demanitus’ tomb to get the plans.

Rapunzel faces off with Cassandra, but with the impending eclipse, Rapunzel’s powers begin to wane.

The Coronans successfully build the machine, but Hamuel accidentally activates it, sucking everyone in, except Eugene and Edmund.

With the eclipse in full effect, Zhan Tiri steals both the Sundrop and the Moonstone, rendering both Rapunzel and Cassandra powerless and transforming herself into a giant demon while destroying the machine.

While the Coronans alongside Adira, Hector and King Edmund battle against Zhan Tiri, Rapunzel and Cassandra make up.

They battle Zhan Tiri and force her to merge the Sundrop and Moonstone gems together at the cost of Rapunzel cutting her brown hair short again.

Zhan Tiri is finally destroyed as the black rocks disappear while the Sundrop and Moonstone become one.

They all live happily ever after.

Tangled 3.15-18

Tangled Episodes 3.15 to 3.18

3.15 “Race to the Spire”
Cassandra returns to the Spire to steal the Mind Trap from Calliope. Calliope sends a letter to Rapunzel for help and she and Eugene set out by hot air balloon.

3.16 “A Tale of Two Sisters”
Two kids visit Gothel’s old house where they are seemingly attacked by her ghost. Rapunzel, learning of this, travels to the house, only to encounter Cassandra.

3.17 “Flynnpostor”
The Captain of the Royal Guard steps down from his position and hands his title over to Eugene. Eugene is unsure about being chosen as the new captain, but is distracted by the news that there is a new thief who bares a remarkable resemblance to Eugene, also going by the name Flynn Rider, who has stolen the crown again.

3.18 “Once a Handmaiden”
Eugene and Varian create a new weapon they call “Project Obsidian”, a bazooka that shoots weaponized amber crystals to combat an impending attack from Cassandra, which Rapunzel reluctantly authorizes as a last resort. Meanwhile, Cassandra discovers the missing shard from the mirror and realizes the Enchanted Girl’s manipulation, who she finally discovers to be Zhan Tiri.

Tangled 3.11-14

Tangled Episodes 3.11 to 3.14

3.11 “Pascal’s Dragon”
Pascal discovers a pearl that later turns out to be a dragon’s egg. The egg hatches and the dragon immediately takes to Pascal.

3.12 “Islands Apart”
Rapunzel and Eugene board a hot-air balloon and return to Tirapi Island, where the Lorbs dwell, in the hope of finding Cassandra. However, they instead meet up with the Captain of the Royal Guards who has been looking for Rapunzel for months but decided to remain on the island with the Lorbs.

3.13-14 “Cassandra’s Revenge”
Finally Cassandra turns up to fulfill her destiny. This ends in a big battle between Rapunzel and Cassandra. The clash of energies ends with Cassandra knocked off a crumbling tower.

Tangled 3.7-10

Tangled Episodes 3.7 to 3.10

3.07 “Beginnings”
Rapunzel is having trouble picking a new lady-in-waiting. Eugene believes that it is because she still has not gotten over Cassandra, but she stubbornly denies this. Cue major flashback for most of the episode. Most of this is redundant, while it shows the beginning of Cassandra and Rapunzel’s relationship, it’s nothing we don’t know.
And when Cassandra eventually accepts Rapunzel as a friend, it does feel forced as it’s Cassandra that is the one changing to fit into the predetermined plot. So far, my least liked episode.

3.08 “The King and Queen of Hearts”
Rapunzel continues to try and restore the memories of her parents, King Frederic and Queen Arianna, and hopes to use the journal of Herz Der Sonne to remind them. Rapunzel recruits her friends to try and set up the perfect date for them.King Trevor arrives with the intent to woo Arianna using an ocean crystal he found. Trevor uses his “navy seal team” (of Seals).

3.09 “Day of the Animals”
Rapunzel, Varian, Angry and Red are returning stolen loot. Max, Pascal, Ruddiger and Hamuel cannot stop quarreling with each other. While messing with a sea shell pendant, it magically transports the humans into it, leaving the animals to fight over it. This looks like multiple references to Alice in Wonderland. Some great animation of the animals.

3.10 “Be Very Afraid!”
Cassandra can create red rock spikes that cause fear and freeze their victims. Varian teams up with Rapunzel to use his amber solution on them. Eugene and Lance decide to throw a talent show to distract everyone from their fears. Lance proves (as if we didn’t know) that he can sing.

Tangled 3.3-6

Tangled Episodes 3.03 to 3.06

3.03 “Return of the King”
King Edmund arrives in Corona to see his long-lost son, Eugene, and to give him the royal sash of their bloodline. Eugene wants nothing to do with him, but Rapunzel invites him to stay.

3.04 “Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf?”
Rapunzel begins to notice strange footprints around the area, as well as the livestock becoming more unruly and fearful. The group comes across a monster hunter named Creighton, who explains to the group that the area is being stalked by a werewolf, who possessed one of Corona’s citizens.

3.05 “The Lost Treasure of Herz Der Sonne”
Rapunzel tasks the kingdom with refurbishing the throne room.
While breaking down a wall, they find a map to the Lost Treasure of Herz Der Sonne and Rapunzel decides to set up a race to the location. This fun episode is a homage to wacky races.

Penelope Pitstop from Wacky Races


3.06 “No Time Like the Past”
Rapunzel finds a box with a mysterious hourglass. As she examines it, she accidentally drops and smashes it and she and Pascal find themselves sent back into the past. They run into a teenage Eugene and Lance.