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The Hero’s Guides

The Hero’s Guides to
1. Saving Your Kingdom (2012)
2. Storming the Castle(2013)
3. Being an Outlaw (2014)
by Christopher Healy

Mushed-up myths, fracked and fractured fairy tales or just good clean fun. This series of books takes characters, creatures and castles and bangs them all together in gloriously silly and entertaining stories. They may be marketed at teenagers, but everyone can enjoy them.

Rogue Hunter

Rogue Hunter by Kevis Hendrickson

Rogue Hunter

Rouge Hunter is a good old-fashioned SciFi one man (or woman in this case) saving the universe story in the style of Harry Harrison’s Stainless Steel Rat or Simon Haynes Hal Spacejock Series. It’s a good, interesting and entertaining story that takes unexpected turns and doesn’t overreach with a lot of techno-babble or spend lots of time in scene descriptions.

The only criticisms I would have is that it drags around the three quarters mark and could do with editing to tighten up the pacing. Also, I felt that the main character, Zyra Zanr needed a bit more attitude. Sometimes she seems to be the same as the other female characters. Recommended.

Storm Front

Storm Front
by Jim Butcher (2000)

I read this based on the popularity of the series.

First, I like the first person point of view and writing style, it’s tight and well paced. But whole premise of the book seems to be … Harry gets into trouble and uses magic to save himself and solve the case. There wasn’t much in the way of plot twists, suspense or intrigue.

The problem I have is that whenever Harry gets into trouble, out comes another obscure magic trick to save the day. These is never a sense of consistency or limitations to the magic. It’s probably because I have read Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn series with a well thought out magic system. Also, after just finishing George Martin’s ‘Song of Ice and Fire’ books, fantasy just isn’t the same.

I enjoyed Mike Resnick’s ‘Fable of Tonight’ series of urban fantasy more than this.


by James Herbert (1999)

Rats mutate and take over. People die. Lots of blood. An unlikely hero battles the odds. It may be a formula, but James Herbert is one of the best at this genre.

The Dream Girl

The Dream Girl by Richard F. Myers



Surprisingly racy (for it’s time – 1947) and funny stories about a woman who comes from dream to reality. Some of the portrayals of woman do date the book to its pre-feminist times.


Creating a Web Page

Part 1 – What Not to Do – 2016-01-03

The proposal is that I can take Genealogical info from Legacy Family Tree and get it on a web page. I did this many years ago, each page had to be transferred via FTP to the served. With over 2,000 pages this took a longtime. It should be easier in 2015 with the site building software now in use.

I found software that should do this:

It uses WordPress. So off to their site…….
I started with a free site and put some basic pages up. After a few hours I was getting familiar with the software and producing nice pages that worked fine on the PC and phone.

The first problem was that the free site would not allow the customization to add plugins, so I upgraded to their Premium $99 ($150 NZ) option. This should allow the use of the plugin. But it didn’t appear to be an option. Weird.

After more extensive reading I found that there are two different versions of WordPress. The software running on their site is different to that that other hosting sites use. So despite paying for their service, it wouldn’t work. Fortunately I could get a refund, so three hours after starting I was finished with the WordPress site. The site building software I liked, so I needed a web host that used WordPress.

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Watery Sunday

A very wet and raining sunday.
Perfect for working on a web site !

New Year’s Resolution: One Post Per Day …. to infinity and back.

I’m going to be trawling back through stuff I have written –

reviews, notes, artwork, photographs etc


First Post

Resolution, to get a website online in 2016 !

Previous History Online

(Written 22/4/2005)

The genesis of this site was formed about 10 years ago when I did a web page design for the Christchurch OS/2 Users Group. The design was not used, but was put on a friends University of Canterbury private web space some years later. When that ceased, I had no where to put my work and it languished in my backups for some time.

Several years ago I started to collect and collate information for my family genealogy. Originally this was done in a small OS/2 program that worked brilliantly. Last year, when I got a new PC, all the data was transferred to Legacy Family Tree and work continued until the family tree eventually spanned about 500 years and had over 2,000 names. The original intention was to put this on CD for distribution, however when I found that web hosting prices had come down to a price where I could put large volumes of data on a site for minimal cost, the design of this web site began.

I have also been writing snippets of humour, stories and even a poem (I promise that this will be the only one I will inflict on the world). There have been digital photos and CD interface designs through the recent years.Unless otherwise stated, all the text and images are my own mess.

At last, I can collect everything together and present to the Internet world a compilation of my work.

This is the ‘first pass’ of designing the site. More will be added soon.

Any (helpful) comments are welcome

Nigel Baker 22/04/2005


19 April 2005
Site activated, uploading of web pages commences. Problems with links and images as the server is UNIX and filenames are case sensitive. Begin fixing problems

23 April 2005
Officially ready !
Links and images fixed. Initial emails sent out.

24 April 2005
Guards, Albert Terrace letter, Hopwood Story, SM58, Baker/Preston Wedding photos & Thornycroft Farm.

26 April 2005
Another set of photographs added to the archive.

1 May 2005
Added first of the music reviews. Updated this page.

18 September 2005
Now have Broadband with new email.
Email addresses changed

11 September 2006
After expired, the site became unusable.
New Domain name registered with NZ Web I.T.

19 December 2006
Woolscours of New Zealand Updated

25 December 2006
Added photos from Christmas Day.