(Dane Maddock #7)
by David Wood (2013)

Dane Maddock, Bones and a new team race to find the remnants of Atlantis and battle against The Dominion (the organization out to cleanse the world). Teaming up with Tam, Willis, Avery, and Corey from previous novel, they must race to find the legendary cities of Atlantis to prevent the Dominion from gaining controlling of technology that could be used to bestowed upon the world a fate only Atlantis has every experienced.

So it’s back to the Dane Maddock Series. This time with some more characters and subsequently more plot lines. I always found that the thriller genre was best using first person narrative. Here there are occasionally to many plot lines to keep the pacing up.

But as usual, the author throws in everything, including magic and aliens to spice things up.. and it works.

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