Ambient Annoyances

As a fan of ambient music, I have come to realize that there are some things I really don’t like about the genre and will avoid music that has any of these characteristics:

1. Fake Scratches

Emulating something about an antique format that nobody liked makes no sense. Also, it tends to detract from any melody or musical idea as it starts.

2. Twinkling Piano

We have all heard Liz Story’s Solid Colours, one of the albums that defined the ‘New Age’ genre and influenced hundreds if pianists. But now it’s an old trope and can be dispensed with. Anyway, the dynamics of an acoustic piano just don’t work well in ambient music.

3. Sounds of Nature

If I want to hear birdsong, I can open the window. Babbling brooks, wind in the pines, willows or poplars are not inventive or interesting. Just drop them, OK

So any ambient music that avoids the above, I am interested in.