BH6 1.1-3

The Shorts:
The first six shorts star Baymax interacting with a different character in every episode. Every short starts with Baymax saying “Hello, I am Baymax” with some variables such as his outfit.

The second series of shorts, titled “Baymax Dreams”, features a cat getting up to mischief.

These are quick (less than 2 minutes) with a single idea. Without the context of the film or TV series they don’t amount to much.

1.1-2 “Baymax Returns”
This follows the events of Big Hero 6, but backtracks slightly to re-tell the story of Hiro discovering Baymax’s personality chip and re-building his skeleton. The team is established, and in these two episodes a (possibly) new villain is established.

1.3 “Issue 188”
Professor Granville sets Hiro up with Karmi, a student studying biology. Karmi despises Hiro for replacing her as the youngest student to join SFIT, yet ironically, she has a crush on Hiro’s alter ego which she somehow cannot seem to recognize. Big Hero 6 take on Barb and Juniper, known the duo High Voltage.