Dead Ice

Dead Ice
(Dane Maddock Origins #4)
by David Wood & Steven Savile (2014)

Navy SEAL Dane Maddock leads a team of operatives in a race against Russian Spetznaz agents to find a lost nuclear submarine and recover a threat known only as Romanov’s Bane, but the frozen wasteland of Wrangel Island is home to more than enemy soldiers. Soon, Dane and Bones find themselves face-to-face with dangers thought long extinct.

This is the first of the David Books I have read as it was purchased as part of a story bundle. It’s a fairly standard military thriller. A group of solders embark on a mission to retrieve an egg. On the way they overcome the environment and an opposing force.

It’s fast moving and doesn’t waste time with unnecessary character backstory. At novella length the story isn’t complicated.

Of course, it turns out that they are destined to save the world from an unknown horror.

Will they make it ?

Well, this is a series of 10 books.