Chase Baker 7

Chase Baker & the Apocalypse Bomb
(Chase Baker #7)
by Benjamin Sobieck (2016)

Humans think they’re the most advanced beings on Earth, but adventurer and Renaissance man Chase Baker just stumbled onto something that will blow the lid off that fantasy for good. As Chase discovers, an even more advanced species lives side-by-side with humanity, quietly ruling the world with incredible technology.

This is the second by Benjamin Sobieck in the Zandri series. And the brief for the sroty seems to have changed. Instead of intense gong-ho action the genre seems to change to humorous, satirical science fiction with an Alien.

An alien named Dave. And he really is an asshole,  Indiscriminately killing people, either adversaries of just members of the public standing watching. Things do get a bit silly. The number of times Chase gets knocked out only to come to and advance the plot is  unknown, but a lot.

So overall, completely nuts, but in a good way.