Chase Baker 6

Chase Baker and the Da Vinci Divinity
(Chase Baker #6)
by Vincent Zandri (2016)

When a young woman by the name of Andrea Gallo claims to be a fan of his pulp novels, Chase can’t resist reciprocating in the lusty attraction. But that night, he is kidnapped by two thugs who work for Great Britain’s infamous MI-16 and Gallo.

When they tell him they desperately need his help to uncover a legendary cave in the Northern Italian forest before a team of Russian and Iranian hardliners do, he feels compelled to help out. It’s said to be the cave that Leonardo da Vinci discovered as a young man back in the mid-fifteenth century and where he learned the secrets behind his many inventions.

This story is closer to Dan Brown that any of the previous ones.

It’s the usual caper of spy vs spy and the race to find a secret that could change the world. Then, at the end it delves into a dream-like Sci-Fi fantasy. Very strange and different.