Lost in Space 2.6-10

2.6 “Severed”

All metal has been quarantined due to the contamination, but the Resolute becomes infected. Penny, Vijay, Dr. Smith, and the teacher are trapped by the corrosion.

Here comes the Deus ex Machina to save the day.

2. 7 “Evolution” &  2.8 “Unknown”

Maureen comes up with a plan to get the water needed to save all of the colonists from a nearby gas giant and launches a mutiny.

Well of course, only one of the main protagonists can come up with a solution. Will it work, of course, she is brilliant !

2.9 “Shell Game”

To protect himself from repercussions for his actions, Hastings plots to murder John and Maureen while they are outside the ship during the water reclamation mission.

Now that the adults are out, the kids get to play. Generally trashing the place by driving a rover through the corridors.

2.20 “Ninety-Seven”

And finally, despite all that talk of families sticking together no matter what, they separate the children out (97 of them) and stay to fight the robots.

This contradicts the ‘morality’ of previous episodes, but hey, we need a set-up for the next series !