Lost in Space 2.1-5

More danger for Will Robinson in Season 2.

2.1 “Shipwrecked”

The Robinsons, Don and Smith are stranded on a planet with a methane atmosphere. After a breach of atmosphere, to try to recharge the ship’s battery, they add sails to the Jupiter and try to sail to an area of electrical storm activity.

A good start, the annoying Dr Smith is sidelined in a story is at first confusing but soon resolves into a Robinson’s vs Nature story.

2.2¬† “Precipice”

The Jupiter remains on the precipice. Penny and Maureen to fall off the Jupiter and into the crevice.

The main plot fits with a very Asimov or A.C. Clarke hard Sci-Fi story.

2.3 “Echoes”

The Robinsons arrive on the Resolute only to find it evacuated.

Now they are on a space-ship, the writers absolutely rip off the films Alien and Aliens, down the the young ‘Newt’ like girl.

2.4 “Scarecrow”

The colonists attempt to find water, but the water turns out to destroy metal. A mineshaft collapses, trapping John.

Still keeping to the Hard Sci-Fi story, but with more of Dr Smith. It seems the writers have understood the limitations of the character and keep her plot to a minimum.

2.5 “Run”

John is injured trying to escape the well. Don discovers the metal fatigue is spread by contact. Judy steals a rover to help John, but gets stranded.

This episode is mainly about the relationship between a father and his adopted daughter. While she is a bit of a ‘Mary Sue’ in defeating multiple challenges, the plot nicely ramps up all the plot-lines to built¬† tension at the halfway point of the season.