Dragon Prince

The Dragon Prince

The Dragon Prince is a fantasy computer-animated television series created for Netflix by Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond and produced by Wonderstorm.

The first season premiered on September 14, 2018. A second season was released on February 15, 2019. A third season has been confirmed.

The series is set in a fantasy world on the continent of Xadia, which is rich with magic derived from six primal elements: The Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Earth, the Sky and the Ocean. However, the humans discovered the use of dark magic.

They were driven off by the dragons and elves of Xadia to the other end of the continent, where they founded the five human kingdoms. The Breach, the border between the two halves of the continent, was guarded by Thunder, the king of dragons.

After the humans killed the dragon king and his egg, war is now imminent. The elves attempt to assassinate the human king Harrow and his heir, the young prince Ezran, in retaliation for the egg’s destruction.

Excellent high/epic fantasy story. The hand-drawn backgrounds and call animation are reminiscent of the later Sierra Online King’s Quest series.

The show doesn’t have trouble taking on themes from power struggles to sibling rivalries.

And after two series, the story isn’t finished. Waiting for the third.