Hedwig and the Angry Inch

This is the story of Hedwig and his band (Angry Inch) . Hedwig comes from east Germany, undergoes sex-change and moves to America to  becomes a rock star.

Right from the start, with the opening song  it had potential. The band sounded great (as usual for a Court Theatre production). Then we get a lot of Hedwig. Turns out the show is just about him, with minimal interactions from the band members.

This is the problem. We get a lot of his bitching, whining, angst and a few songs. For a musical there just isn’t enough music. In the second half it really drags the show down as the tone gets darker.

His ‘husband’ is played by a woman, who eventually gets her time to shine, but too late.

Adan Rennie is brilliant as Hedwig, with Phoebe Hurst as Yitzhak.

Of course, as it is about transgender issues, the critics loved it. I could do without someones sexual problems masquerading as a musical show.