Pavilion 3-8

The Far Pavilions
Book 3 – World out of Time

This covers Ashton’s return to India and his meeting with Anjuli-Bai to kindle the romance into all out passion. This section is long (100k workds) and mainly covers a trip to take two brides to be married off. Ashton finds himself as the British representative and in a leadership role. Again, over-long and at times tedious.

Book 4 – Bhithor

Ash travels with a a wedding party to Bhithor to negotiate a a wedding contract. More political than adventure or exciting

Book 5 – Paradise of Fools

Ash returns then does… nothing really. It’s around the middle of the book and the pace is really beginning to sag.

Book 6 – Juli

Another 100K word section. And things are really going nowhere. It’s at this point I found a video online of the 1984 BBC adaption. Even this is rather stilted and lacking in action or intrigue. At this point interest began to fade and I eventually gave up 54% through the book.