ST:D 2.11

Star Trek Discovery 2.11 Perpetual Infinity


This starts with a flashback to when he Burnhams’ laboratory was attacked by Klingons, Michael’s mother donned the time travel suit to go back in time an hour and warn them of the attack. She instead arrived 950 years in the future to find all sentient life destroyed by Control.

Tethering herself to a nearby planet, Dr. Burnham made over 840 attempts to change the future, including moving humans to her planet, Terralysium, to test how she can change history.

Trying to stop Control from gaining the Sphere’s data, Dr. Burnham was responsible for it crossing paths with the Discovery. Now, the Discovery crew plans to upload the data into the suit and send it into the future where Control cannot access it, while keeping Dr. Burnham in the present,

More sprinklings of plot-oniom. Just when it seems Lyeland can be killed, he escapes.

“I like science,” says Spock, stating the obvious.