ST:D 2.10

Star Trek Discovery 2.10 The Red Angel
(Hi Mom!)


Tilly discovers a bio-neural scan of the Red Angel in Airiam’s code that matches Burnham.

Leland reveals that Section 31 built the Red Angel time travel suit twenty years ago in a temporal-arms race with the Klingons, and that Burnham’s parents had been part of that program. They plan to use Burnham as bait for the Red Angel.


OK Problem #1 – If the bio-scan matches Burnham and it turns out that it isn’t Burnham, does that mean that the scan was faulty ? Or did her mother use DNA from Burnham to deceive ?

#2 if they trapped future Burnham in a force-field with now Burnham, how was the doctor going to get in to administer help ?

It’s techno-babble in the extreme, and it all adds up to an interesting WTF ending.