(Star Force #10)
by B.V. Larson & David VanDyke (2014)

This continues the series:
Star Force 01 Swarm (2010)
Star Force 02 Extinction
Star Force 03 Rebellion
Star Force 04 Conquest
Star Force 05 Battle Station
Star Force 06 Empire
Star Force 07 Annihilation
Star Force 08 Storm Assault
Star Force 09 The Dead Sun (2014)

Read from Sept 2014 to May 2015

It picks up a generation after the last, featuring the son of Kyle Riggs (Cody) and his adventures in space. Cody comes across as a spoilt brat. Not very nice and a jerk.

The book isn’t as good as I remembered the previous ones. But the story kept me going to the end.