Murder Wat

A Murder for Master Wat
(The Chronicles of Brother Hermitage Book 11)
by Howard of Warwick (2018)

Wat the Weaver doesn’t want to go to the weavers’ Grand Moot in the first place and no one can make him. Except Mistress Cwen, of course. When they get there it all starts so well, but it only takes the blink of a bat’s ear for murder to rear its ugly head and stare straight at Hermitage.

Finally, after ten book featuring a weaver, we get details on weaving. I don’t know how historically accurate the descriptions are, but it does add to the detail and provides interesting plot devices.

There is still a whole crowd of people not as smart of Cwen and Wat to provide the humour. Another fun reads, and proof that the author can consistently deliver the jokes after 11 novels.