Energy Myths and Realities
by Vaclav Smil (2010)


Energy Myths and Realities: Bringing Science to the Energy Policy Debate debunks the most common fallacies to make way for a constructive, scientific approach to the global energy challenge.

A very sobering look at the future of energy generation. While USA-centric most of the analysis can apply to the world situation.
Energy sources like bio-fuel are quickly dismissed. Solar is not much better. But in the end it comes down to (as expected) wind and nuclear. As these are the most dense of energy forms it’s not surprising.

The main issue I have with the analysis is the emphasis of the economic impediments to development of renewable energy. The book was written in 2010, possibly capturing the gloom of the post-Global Financial Crisis.

But as the GFC shows, when those in power are inconvenienced by lack of funds, it’s easy to print money. The USA created $600 billion to bail out the financial industry.

In the end he verifies the quote ‘it’s easy to criticize’. There isn’t much here about solutions.