Movies 2018

All the Movies of 2018 with comments

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
American art-house film gets awards

My review at the time (4 Feb) called it the best movie of 2018 – it still is !

Black Panther
Black Americans take over film industry, make cracker of a movie.

The Death of Stalin
Grim comedy

Pacific Rim: Uprising
Not as good as the first

Ready Player 1
Can never replace the book

First netflix movie reviewed !

Early Man
Fun & silly Ardman clay-mation

Dwayne Johnson vs a Gorilla !

Avengers Infinity War
Long, too many characters and no ending

The Breaker Uppers
Kiwi comedy

Deadpool 2
Misses the point of the first (see Kermode Review)

Star Wars: Solo
Dark in colour and tone.

Jurrassic World: Fallen Kingdom
Dinosaurs on the rampage – again

Incredibles 2
Good, but I have already forgotten the plot

Ant-Man & Wasp
Fun B-Movie, Evangeline Lily gets starring role

Mission Impossible: Fallout
Best action movie of the year. Filmed in NZ

Mortal Engines
Just too derivative (maybe it’s the book)

Colourful underwater adventure

Ralph Breaks the Internet
Surprisingly good, ignore reviews.