The Outpost
by Mike Resnick (2002)


On the planet Henry II, orbiting the twin suns of Plantagenet and Tudor, at the very edge of the great black hole at the center of the Milky Way, there is a tavern called The Outpost. Through the doors of The Outpost have come the greatest heroes, villains, and adventurers of the galaxy – to drink, to brag, and to swap tales.

This is a series of short stories told in three sections. In the first, the characters gather at a tavern and tell stories of their heroics with the barman as narrator. In the second section, the stories are of a war. Then in the third they return and tell the war stories.

As this is a series of stories, there is little character development and plot. However Mike Resnick’s witty dialogue keeps things interesting and holds the stories together. An unusual structure and probably only for Mike Resnick fans.