Bodyguard 6

The Finale

Finally, the hero gets beaten up and fitted with a suicide vest and dead man’s switch.

Most of the episode revolves around Budd and getting out of the vest. However at the last minute he runs off and discards the suit, leaving me wondering if it was real.

Budd flees to Dyson’s flat and forces her to get Aikens to meet his police insider. Budd follows him and discovers Craddock is the insider. This looks too easy for Budd !

Terrorist Nadia is interviewed again and reveals that she lied about recognising Longcross’s e-fit. She is an engineer who built the explosive devices. She had remembered the details Budd told her about his children, which led to the attack on their school.

Now this part was strange. Why would she suddenly confess to being the person behind the attacks. The only reason I can think of is that it is necessary to wrap up the plot. A weird ending to an otherwise tense and engaging series.