Bodyguard 2

Stephen Hunter-Dunn, Director General of MI5, informs Montague of intelligence suggesting a terrorist plan to attack Budd’s children’s school, in retaliation for his foiling of the train bombing.

The attack on the school is prevented by a police ARV, but the terrorists manage to detonate the bomb in the street, killing three police officers.

Budd’s family is relocated to a safe house, and although he is removed from Montague’s detail, she has him reinstated.

Montague’s car comes under sniper fire that kills her driver, but she and Budd survive due to the car’s armour plating. Budd pursues and corners the sniper.


After the first episode, it looked like the second would slow down and focus on the politics. Another terrorist attack ups the action and puts Budd in the middle. What does not work is the sex between the main characters… WHY ??