(Court Theatre)

Written by Albert Belz
Directed by Nancy Brunning
Starring Tola Newbery

It’s 1983, and young Hemi ‘Jimmy’ Te Rehua knows how to dominate the games at the Whakatāne Astrocade Amusement Parlour. Too smart for his own good, Jimmy has a knack for trouble.

This production didn’t get my immediate  approval, being about a 14 year old boy and based in the 1980s it was 10 years out of my childhood. Initially it felt like a series of sketches and lacking a strong narrative. It was also a strange choice for a play, given that the majority of Court Theatre patrons are a generation older than me.

However in the second half things got better, the jokes began to land and the character motivations set up in the first half began to pay off. Often delivering drama and comedy almost simultaneously.

It got good round of applause at the end from a half full theatre.

Press Review