Saul 2.09

Better Call Saul 2.09 “Nailed”

Mike ambushes one of Hector’s trucks, and extracts $250,000 hidden in one of the tires. He wanted to attract police attention to Hector with the heist, but Nacho advises Mike that a “good Samaritan” chanced upon the bound driver before police and freed him.

Jimmy’s plan works, at what should be a routine meeting between the New Mexico Banking Board, Mesa Verde Bank and Chuck and Howard, it is revealed that the addresses in the documents submitted do not match those initially filed.

Chuck confronts Jimmy, guessing what he did but Kim backs up Jimmy (although she suspects what he did).

Jimmy returns to the copy store. ThenĀ  Chuck arrives to interrogate the clerk, but faints and hits his head on the counter.

Has Jimmy done in his brother ??