Siege 2

The Cook, his Niece The Nerd and the Thief
Under Seige 2 (1995)
Stevan Seagal stars as Casey Ryback. Ex SEAL, monosyllabic hero of
another Hero-saves-the-world movie.

You can guess certain things from the start. That the young girl (his
niece) is going to be captured by the bad guys at some stage and used as a hostage. That the *big* bad guy will know our hero, and that he will insist in taking him on at the end of the film hand to hand. Why the hero doesn’t just pick up a gun & blow him away I don’t know.

The plot goes something like :
The USA military develops a particle beam weapon that is launched into space under the guise of a mapping satellite. An ex-employee (the nerd, who looks like a young Eliot Gould) and a band of mercenaries capture a train. They install computers & satellite tracking equipment to gain control of the satellite. The bad guys blow up a chemical factory to show they are serious, then threaten to turn California into an undersea world by triggering the San Andreas fault.

Seagal does the job OK under the direction of NZ director Geoff
Murphy. Unfortunately, speech isn’t one of his good points. A scene
early in the film to establish the relationship between him and the
niece isn’t very convincing. The one-liners only *just* work, and he
is looking a bit too old for the karate moves.

The action, with just enough suspense, makes up for the acting.

Overall 7/10 (OK, but NOT at the James Cameron level)