Broken Arrow

Broken Arrow

John Travolta (Deaker)
Christian Slater (Hale)

Directed by John Woo

“I don’t know what is scarier, that we have a broken arrow or that
we have a term for this situation”

A broken arrow is when a nuclear missile goes missing. We need someone to steal it (Deaker) and a hero to go up against the bad guys, win the day (and get the girl), that’s Hale. Both are army officers only one has been eating American pie, the other just wants lots of money & a comfy place in the sun.

So it’s another testosterone filled action movie by the numbers. But what numbers. From the start the action doesn’t slow down. From destroying aircraft (1 steath bomber & 2 helicopters) to mines to vehicles and finally a scale train set. Some of the stunts are in the “how did they do that ??” and “WOW” category. The story keeps going, with enough twists and turns to keep you guessing to the end.

Christian Slater at times looks to relaxed to be in the Airforce, perhaps they were thinking of Keana Reeves (speed) for the part. John Travolta doesn’t do any dancing, but entertains with his one lines and psycho routine at the end. This is the third film where he has played the nasty (previously “Pulp Fiction” and “Get Shorty”). Perhaps this is a new career move. I understand he got around $10 million for the part.

It’s not that original, the train sequences reminded me of “Under Siege 2”, and the Blackmail/Hero saves the world has been done thousands of times.

It may not have JC Van Dammed in it, but if you can drag yourself (and M) away from the computer you should enjoy it. Don’t wait until it comes out on video, the explosions just don’t have the same impact.