StripTease (1996)
Starring :
Demi Moore
Burt Reynolds
Robert Patrick (Terminator 2)

I knew that you would think that I would go to see this movie.
So I didn’t want to disappoint you. I only went because you will not be allowed to go.

Demi Moore plays the part of a nightclub stripper in a custody battle
with her husband over her daughter. Robert Patrick plays the slimy husband. The sort of low life that puts on a stethescope and doctors gown and roams hospitals snatching wheelchairs with his daughter. He moves when his wife finds out where he is hiding with his daughter.

Burt Reynolds plays a corrupt senator. With a white shock of hair,
and no morals, he hams it up to the max.

OK, yes you do see Demi’s breasts (several times). But in my expert
opinion the best breasts are on the stripper with a python that
almost kills her.

There is also a stripper with gravity defying breasts so large I
am sure that Industrial Light and Magic had a hand in their

The story starts with Moore denied access to her daughter. One night at the strip club a drunk senator hits a customer over the head with a bottle. A photograph is taken that is later to be used as a bribe. It’s almost election time, so his minders are trying to keep the
senator in line.

Another customer offers to help Moore with her custody battle, he
knows a senator that can help. So the film sets itself up for a Tom Sharpe type satire about politics, life, sex etc. Unfortunately that’s about as far as gets.

The story drags too much and lacks any sting to succeed as a satire.
It lumbers on as a light comedy, with a few good laughs.

The ending is predictable.

My Rating 5/10