BC No Go

Following purchasse of a Chromecast Audio, I am trying to make all my collected music available from my smartphone either via streaming or a saved file. This will mean I can listen from work on headphones or at home on speakers.

Music over the years has been purchased on LP, CD and digital download. This has included a number of online shops, including CDBaby, iTunes, 7Digital and Google Play. All these files have been kept in archives on CD, DVD and hard drives.

The most extensive recent purchasing has been from bandcamp. It is clear that there will not be enough space on my 128gig SD card to hold this music. After extensive testing and looking for approprate software I have not been able to get Bandcamp music to stream successfully to Chromecast Audio.

There was an Android app that would stream a URL. This works OK, but there was no way to get the next track to play. Fortunately there are a lot of artists also on Spotify. I can you through all these artists and get Spotify links.

There are requests for Bandcamp to include this feature, but until they do streaming has to be restricted to Spotify.

Due to these limits, the final music model will be:

1. For any music previously purchased and available on Spotify, provide a link on my page.

2. Everything else gets saved on the smartphone SD card.

3. Apply the De-Clutter Ex Test to all MP3s.

The remaining problem is successfully synchronizing music on my PM under jRiver to the smartphone. I tried lots of methods. jRiver can sync, but it is slow and not always successful.

I tried Wi-Fi methods, none that good and the one I did get to work was just too slow and put files on the wrong place. Most of these work OK synching to the main memory but have problems connecting to the SD card. I managed to get Total Commander to link to the SD card, but it’s sync feature would not work with the SD card.

Most of the problems relate to the MTP drive used in modern Smartphones. My older Samsung S3 would open as the next available drive letter. This made syncing easy, this new method has disadvantages.

Eventually I found a solution in FreeFileSync.