Chrome Audio

Chromecast Audio
Chromecast Audio has been out for a few years. I decided to try using it at home to stream music from my PC to speakers in the bedroom (and possibly the lounge). Currently these are wired connections and jRiver is the server that streams the music.

The Chromecast device was installed and setup easily. It’s immediately apparent that Spotify can stream music. So can Google Play Music.

Running Spotify from the PC works, but the immediate problem is that when streaming, output to the PC speaker stops. Not a problem at night when just the bedroom speakers are needed, but when at home and moving around it is annoying.

Google Play Music works OK, but the immediate problem is that it will only play music purchased on the app. You can upload 10,000 songs and play them everywhere. I tried three albums and that took a good 10 minutes, so that’s not going to happen.

Running Spotify from the Smartphone in bed is the best improvement. I get access to all the catalog. The only problem is that the app doesn’t have a timer, so it can’t be set to shut-down the music after an hour. And I can’t get the music on the hard-drive to play. Another problem is that if you have saved an album to your device, this cannot be sent to Chromecast. Playing music by the album will fix this problem as the music stops when the album ends.

The best discovery is that my favorite Android music player PlayerPro works with Chromecast. Providing the album is on the device, it can be streamed to the speakers. Even better, the app has a timer. If I put the albums not available on Spotify on my 128gig, I would have access to my entire music collection from my Smartphone…. (see next post).