Steve & Marty

Steve Martin & Martin Short
An Evening you will forget for the rest of your life.

Two veteran comedians do a vaudeville act live on stage and it’s recorded for Netflix.

Close friends since they worked on Three Amigos in the mid-Eighties, Martin and Short have been touring as a team for several years, honing a stage show. This is probably them at their best, even if there are a few fluffs and mis-steps.

Marty steps below the level of witty with a crude costume and Steve brings things to a stop with an extended banjo sole. Fortunately he has the Steep Canyon Rangers to play with.

Best line (by Steve) “There’s a big difference between the banjo and the guitar: The banjo has a round pot … with a skinhead stretched over the top, and it projects the sound outward … and the guitar can get you laid.

The show is 70 minutes long.