Lost in Space 09

Lost in Space 09 – Resurrection


Will tries to signal his father using simple radio, convinced he survived the explosion.

Another strange tech blooper. If Will can contact his father in space, why can’t he contact the Resolute ?

Dr. Smith drives herself and Maureen to the alien wreck, and tells Maureen she didn’t know Maureen was needed for the ship launch, and when she knocked her out, the ship exploded. She does promise helping Maureen get her kids off the planet, if she in return helps Dr. Smith with the alien ship.

Will discovers that the rocks he collected in the cave are petrified biomass that can fuel the Jupiter ships to reach the Resolute.

Another case of people doing stupid things. The crew should have been looking for fuel replacements as soon as they landed.

Judy uses GPS to track Smith and Maureen. She manages to disable Dr. Smith, but the robot reactivates and is revealed to obey the Doctor’s commands.

Again, stupid Judy fails to secure a prisoner only to find Smith recovers within minutes and the robot uses science/magic to restore himself.