Lost in Space 07

Lost in Space 07 – Pressurized


Maureen finds a watermark on the gun belonging to their 3D printer, and Will confirms the robot made it and he had hidden the gun under his bed. His parents note that everyone had been through their Jupiter at some time and anyone could’ve taken the gun; Smith directs their suspicions to Victor.

While driving, John and Maureen flee a geo-phenomenon and end up stuck in a tar pit into which the vehicle slowly submerges. To escape the vehicle, Maureen uses the helium weather balloon to create a shielded path to the surface.

OK – this is pushing physics to the limit and beyond. To create the pressure necessary to displace the tar, would have crushed the human body. The problem was they stayed chatting for too long and should have immediately attached the winch cable to a tree. Even stranger is why they would enter the vehicle as it was sinking and not just jump free ?