Good Place 2.13

Episode 26 – Somewhere Else


Michael argues that the humans’ postmortem self-improvement, which the immortal beings thought impossible, means the afterlife system is corrupt.

Eleanor’s memory is again wiped; in a new scenario, she is saved from the accident that would have killed her; Michael and Janet monitor the behavior of all four humans.

Eventually, Eleanor travels to Australia to meet Chidi, pleasing Michael.

Well this ended in a strange place (Australia). And in the end it is all about Eleanor. This is the last episode of series 2. Series 3 has been commissioned, but where will that go ????

The whole point of this episode (and possibly the series is that people should do good things not for the ‘reward’, but because it’s the right thing to do.

Michael: No, see, I think it does prove something. If I’m right, the system by which we judge humans, the, the very method we use to deem them Good or Bad, is so fundamentally flawed and unreasonable that hundreds of millions of people have been wrongly condemned to a, an eternity of torture!

Jason: Man, think about everything that’s happened to us. We died. Michael tortured us. We teamed up with him. We escaped. We went through the portal. The Judge ruled against us. Then Michael showed up. This has been one of the craziest years of my life.